8 times more soldiers in Taiwan’s military drills; Japan criticizes China over human rights

Large scale annual military exercises in Taiwan. This time, the imagined scenario is a Chinese invasion later in the year.

In an unusually harsh tone, Japan expresses serious concerns over Beijing’s human rights record and territorial disputes.

South Korea seeks cooperation with the Quad alliance. That’s the U.S., Australia, Japan, and India. At the same time, the German chancellor wishes for more cooperation with Beijing.

The real death toll from the pandemic in Wuhan remains a mystery. Videos of packed cemeteries may tell a story different from the official version.

And President Biden hasn’t spoken with Xi Jinping about virus origins. His Secretary of State says the U.S. will continue to investigate where the virus really came from.

00:00 Intro
00:54 8x more soldiers in Taiwan’s military drills
02:52 Japan criticizes Beijing over human rights
03:54 Philippines uses softer tone to address China
05:00 S. Korea seeks cooperation with Quad alliance
06:05 Germany’s Merkel: more cooperation with China
07:57 Wuhan cemeteries packed on Chinese memorial day
09:31 Man abused in jail for exposing corruption
12:46 Biden: no conversations on virus origin
14:10 Blinken vows to continue virus origin probe
16:39 Blinken: U.S. to share more vaccines w/ partners
17:24 Cornell faculty rejects partnership w/ China
19:30 Beijing bans Tesla cars for Chinese authorities
22:28 Rights group files complaints against CGTN

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8 times more soldiers in Taiwan’s military drills; Japan criticizes China over human rights
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