Woman Has Epic Elevator Meltdown Over Someone She Claims Isn’t Masked Up Properly

It’s over a year since “15 Days to Flatten the Curve.” Coronavirus cases are dropping. Thanks to Donald Trump’s leadership with Operation: Warp Speed, people are getting needles in their arms at a pace that a) the media said wasn’t possible and b) Joe Biden wants to take credit for. One might think people would dial back the mask-related freakouts. Sadly, panic porn is a helluva drug. As evident by this one poor soul whose misery we’re about to laugh at in a hysterical manner.

Standard viral video rules apply. Allow for missing context. Allow that this could be a prank. Also, please avoid having any form of liquid in your mouth while watching this video. It’s known to sting as it squirts out of your nasal cavities.

Masked Girl FREAKS OUT In Elevator


Dear God, crazy lady.

Once you’ve contained your laughter, I want you to go back and listen a second time. Watch the camerawoman in the reflection of the mirror and notice she was properly masked up the whole time. A real loops-over-your-ears mask, too. It’s not like she was wearing a neck gaiter she could have pulled up quickly.

Now, I suppose she could have NOT been wearing a mask the whole time. Put down what she was carrying. Took the time to put the mask on. Picked up what she was carrying. Then, took out her smartphone and started recording the meltdown. That would have been one long-ass elevator ride.

Or, the crazy lady was a wackadoodle who needs to watch less CNN and stay off of Fauci fan fiction subreddits. I’m leaning towards option B.

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