SHOW NOTES: Media Is Lying to You About the Chauvin Trial

There was a MAJOR piece of new evidence uncovered during the Derek Chauvin trial, one that the mainstream media refuse to cover, because it BUSTS their narrative. Crowder also has a few choice words for the leftist hacks at “60 Minutes” over their Ron DeSantis hit piece. We cover the latest on Biden’s immigration crisis. And Crowder has his producer kneel on his neck for nine minutes just to see what happens.

KNEE ON NECK: Crowder Tests The Theory LIVE! | Louder with Crowder


  • Last week, this video from the southern border showed smugglers throwing children over the wall. SOURCE: 1010 WINS
  • Jen Psaki had a strong message for these smugglers. SOURCE: Newsbusters
  • Yesterday, two Yemeni terrorists on the FBI watch list were apprehended at the border. SOURCE: Archive
  • The Department of Homeland Security deleted the report from its website. SOURCE: Washington Times
  • Biden’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas just announced they might restart building the wall to “fill the gaps.” SOURCE: LwC


  • The other night, Don Lemon couldn’t control his emotions when talking about the Chauvin trial. SOURCE: CNN
  • Alternate camera angle shows Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder blade. SOURCE: ABC News
    • The media has refused to cover this and instead homed in on the Minneapolis police chief claiming Chauvin broke protocol. SOURCE: CBS, NBC, Time, Huffington Post
    • Even the prosecutors changed their rhetoric to “neck or back.” SOURCE: ABC News
    • A reminder, this was part of the Minneapolis Police Department’s training. SOURCE: KARE11
  • The prosecution claimed the kneeling was “transitory force” and shouldn’t have been used for too long. SOURCE: ABC News
  • During cross-examination, the defense asked Police Lieutenant John Mercil an excellent question regarding how bystanders in a crowd are acting and how that would affect an officer’s behavior. SOURCE: ABC News
  • Floyd was resisting arrest and kicked a cop.
  • The typical overdose level for fentanyl is 3.1 ng/ml. Floyd’s was 11 ng/ml!

  • Dr. Langenfeld, the doctor who declared Floyd dead, testified that a combination of meth and fentanyl could cause hypoxia/asphyxia. SOURCE: YouTube
  • Dr. Langenfeld also said one of his original leading theories as to the cause of hypoxia was excited delirium, which can be caused by high amounts of drugs, but his final conclusion based on the report ruled this out. SOURCE: CourtTV

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