Dems Prepare To Ram Through “Infrastructure” Package Without GOP Support

Despite Joe Biden’s campaign promises of unity Democrats continue to demonstrate that they have no interest in working in a bipartisan manner. Not even to address a very serious problems that America is currently facing.

Biden has officially announced the first part of his “infrastructure” package and (despite its name) it allocates only $115 billion to highways, bridges, and roads. That’s a mere 5 percent of the $2 trillion price tag! Democrats next step is to ram it through Congress, which they’re now making clear is exactly their intention, with or without any Republican support.

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On Easter Sunday, the administration dispatched its officials to deliver the approved talking points to the morning “news” shows. Their goal of course is to sell this boondoggle, which is much less about infrastructure than it is about imposing the radical Green New Deal on Americans. The majority of whom will never know what hit them after it becomes law.

Showing up on CNN’s “State Of The Union” was Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm who chatted with Jake Tapper. When asked by the host about GOP support the former Michigan governor said, “Well, obviously, the pressure is to have this done in a bipartisan way. Eighty percent of America supports investing in infrastructure”, which may be technically true but doesn’t address that there is very little real infrastructure in the bill.

Granholm added; “So the president is very conservatively reaching out to Republicans to say, come to the table. If you don’t like a component of it, tell us how you would do it? What do you want to see in this bill? Honestly, Jake, the vast majority of this bill includes things that Republicans are supporting, like roads and bridges spending, like broadband, like water, like manufacturing supply chains”.

What she purposely omits is the $174 billion for electric vehicles, $213 billion for “affordable and sustainable” housing, and $100 billion for national broadband (which is most likely shorthand for ‘internet controlled by the government’). If those aren’t bad enough it also includes billions to rename highways that have been deemed to be “racist” by Biden’s handlers.

“These are all things that Republicans have actually introduced bills on. So come to the table. We want to make it bipartisan”, fibbed Granholm. She continued, “You know, ultimately, if that doesn’t happen, he is elected to do the job to win the future for America to invest in our future. We hope Republicans can join their constituents across the country, ultimately supporting this effort.”

Also making the rounds on Sunday was Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg who couldn’t fix potholes when he was the mayor of South Bend, but is somehow now an expert on the national infrastructure.

Buttigieg chatted with longtime Democratic party operative George Stephanopolous on ABC’s “This Week” where he also invoked the “American people want it done” trope.

“I think we’re going to find a really strong, good deal space on this because, again, most Americans want to get it done,” said Buttigieg.

He then also indicated that the legislation will be rammed through without GOP votes; “We know that this is entering a legislative process where we’re going to be hearing from both sides of the aisle, and I think you’ll find the president’s got a very open mind. But time is of the essence,” Buttigieg continued, “So we’ll look at these ideas on how to pay for it. We’ll look at ideas on where the investments ought to be, too. But the president is hoping for major progress from Congress before Memorial Day. And we can’t allow this thing to just keep dragging on because the need is there today.”

By now it should be obvious that Biden’s calls for “unity” were always a lie. Just like the “very fine people on both sides” hoax that he kept repeating during the election. Even more recently his false statements on the new Georgia election integrity law are just another drop in the bucket of falsehoods. But like always, the corrupt media let him get away with it.

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Author: Chris Donaldson

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