Pro-Beijing student from Xinjiang revealed as fake; Short-term visitors to Shanghai to be reported

The European Union and the UK are voicing concerns over media freedom in China. This, after two European journalists were forced to leave the country.

One of China’s latest efforts to defend its actions in the Xinjiang region, may have just backfired. A Xinjiang resident praising the internment camps seems to have been outed as a fake.

Shanghai is tightening up public control. Anyone who stays in the city for more than 24 hours must report to authorities.

Worries escalate over the global supply chain of microchips. It’s now extremely vulnerable, as suppliers become more concentrated in certain regions, with Taiwan leading them. A possible crisis there could put the production of everyday necessities like smartphones, fridges, and microwaves at risk.

And the Chinese regime is ramping up efforts to challenge the U.S. dollar’s dominance. But experts say, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

00:00 Intro
01:02 EU, UK concerned about press freedom in China
02:08 Pro-Beijing student from Xinjiang revealed as fake
04:24 Uyghur arrested after being deemed ‘unsafe’
05:33 Short-term visitors to Shanghai to be reported
07:31 Chinese authorities distrust regime: FMR official
10:42 International communities condemn HK conviction
11:24 At least 50 killed in Taiwan train crash
12:30 Semiconductor supply chain vulnerable: study
15:04 TSMC to invest $100B to meet chip demand
16:04 Tesla posts record Q1 deliveries
16:37 China yuan not likely to go global yet: report
19:28 U.S. senator to Australia: relocate Beijing games
19:58 Philippines finds illegal structures in its waters
21:25 Countries meet for talks on Iran nuclear deal
22:42 U.S. and allies to discuss North Korea

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Pro-Beijing student from Xinjiang revealed as fake; Short-term visitors to Shanghai to be reported
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