Guns & Tacos Episode 2

Guns & Tacos Episode 2

This is the second episode of our new series called Guns and Tacos and the goal of this series is to feature different gun stores per episode and check their cool products. We are also going to feature the most recommended Mexican restaurant around the featured gun store and give them a rating. For this episode, we dropped by at Army Navy Surplus and featured American Gun & Pawn then after that, we ate at El Sol De Mexico. Watch this video to find out what we think about the gun store and the Mexican restaurant.

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0:00 Intro
0:02 Episode 2 of Guns and Tacos
2:49 Inside the Army Navy Surplus
5:17 American Gun & Pawn
5:33 Inside the American Gun & Pawn
7:06 Checking out some products of American Gun & Pawn
13:39 Our rating for American Gun & Pawn
14:40 Eating at El Sol De Mexico
17:17 Our rating for the food of El Sol De Mexico
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