Viral speech reveals China’s shortcut to success; First U.S. ambassador visits Taiwan in 42 years

A Chinese expert says Beijing copied its way to the world’s front row. And now, it uses that leverage to get away with aggression toward the West.

Hong Kong’s special status is still long gone, in keeping with Former President Trump’s policy. The city is now considered no different than mainland China, a shift that holds severe consequences for the financial hub.

Hong Kong’s democracy has all but faded. This, after Beijing cuts down on opposition from the city’s electoral system.

A historic moment for Taiwan. For the first time in 42 years a U.S. ambassador visits the island.

And China says it would welcome a visit from the United Nations to its Xinjiang region. But adds that it will not allow investigation into reported abuse of the Uyghur ethnic minority.

00:00 Intro
00:51 Viral speech reveals Beijing’s shortcut to success
04:42 Assessing China’s digital threats to U.S.
08:02 Huawei growth rate declines, turns to farming
09:45 U.S. reaffirms HK doesn’t enjoy special status
11:04 Activist: Hong Kong’s freedom is dead
12:52 First U.S. ambassador visits Taiwan in 42 years
14:13 CCP: UN can visit Xinjiang, but no investigations
15:13 14 countries, W.H.O. chief knock virus report
16:12 Deaths reported after taking Chinese vaccine
16:52 Pregnant woman not except from vaccine mandate
17:52 Chinese disclaimer: vaccine not tested on humans
18:24 CCP buys more public debt in France
20:33 BBC reporter leaves China after threats
21:24 China cuts reliance on dollar via digital currency

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Viral speech reveals China’s shortcut to success; First U.S. ambassador visits Taiwan in 42 years
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