Man arrested for sexual assault and attempted murder of boy, 12, after child saved by Good Samaritan

MIAMI, FL – Miami-Dade Police recently arrested a 43-year-old man for allegedly abducting a 12-year-old boy, sexually assaulting him, and then shooting him in the face.

The young victim miraculously survived the encounter and was helped by a local man after the individual heard his pleas for help, as the child was left for dead after being shot.

The incident occurred on March 27th at approximately 2:00 a.m. near NW 43rd Terrace and NW 30th Ave in Miami, according to authorities.

Police say the young victim was walking around the area when he was approached by a suspect, later identified as 43-year-old Aliex Santiesteban, who was inside of a black sedan.

Santiesteban allegedly forced the boy into his vehicle and then preceded to drive to the area of NW 45th St and NW 31st Ave, where the suspect allegedly sexually assaulted the victim and then shot him in the face.

The suspect was then said to have forced the young victim out of the vehicle and left the area. It just so happens that a passerby heard the child screaming for help.

The man who happened upon the young victim helped the child over to a local business where bystanders called 911 so that authorities could respond and render aid to the victim.  

Major Brian Rafky of the Miami-Dade Police’s Special Victims Bureau credited the Good Samaritan with essentially saving the child’s life:

“He took this victim to a nearby convenience store and summoned assistance, which ultimately saved his life.”

Surveillance footage from the local business to where the child was brought showed the victim covered in blood and collapsing to the ground before first responders arrived on scene.

During the early morning hours of March 30th, Miami-Dade Police officers arrested Santiesteban and charged him with sexual battery with a deadly weapon, kidnapping of a child under 13, and attempted felony murder.  

Authorities say that it was a combination of “good old fashioned police work” and DNA evidence that led them to the suspect.

During a press conference held on March 30th regarding the case, MDPD Director Freddy Ramirez stated:

“This is a reminder to parents and children to be vigilant because in this world, there are evil people who will not hesitate to harm children.”

Being the father of a 12-year-old himself, Director Ramirez noted that this is the sort of case that “hits you at the soul”:

“This is extremely disturbing, and it hits you at the soul. No child or family should ever suffer the horrors that they went through. This child suffered physical and emotional trauma that will take years to overcome.”

MDPD SVB Major Rafky also is urging the public to come forward if they themselves are victims, or are aware of any other potential victims, that the suspect may have assaulted prior to the March 27th incident:

“This is someone we want people to look at and see if there are any other victims out there.”

Records show that Santiesteban is currently being held at the Miami-Dade jail without bond.

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Law Enforcement Today recently reported on another incident where a child was viscously attacked inside of a fast food restaurant in Pennsylvania earlier in March. 

Here’s that previous report. 


PITTSBURGH, PA- Here’s a story you probably haven’t heard about, mainly because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

On March 21st in Pittsburgh, a black man stabbed a 12-year-old boy in the neck with a box cutter at a McDonald’s while screaming racist names at him, Graham Allen reported.

CNN affiliate KDKA said police arrested Charles Edward Turner, 51 after the 2:00 p.m. incident. Authorities said Turner faces multiple charges, including criminal attempt to commit homicide, and four counts of aggravated assault. He is being held at Allegheny County Jail.

The child was transported to the hospital where he was initially listed in critical condition, however his condition has since been upgraded to stable, the outlet said. Officers said there did not appear to be any type of relationship between the suspect and the boy.

Police said that two employees of the McDonald’s intervened to help the child, according to Cara Cruz, deputy public information officer for the Pittsburgh Public Safety department.

“He was with his family, he was standing in line, they had just zipped in for one quick thing,” Cruz told KDKA.

Police have been unable to ascertain a motive for the unprovoked attack.

Police said detectives from the Major Crimes and Crime Scene Units conducted an investigation at the scene, as well as analyzing video evidence and speaking with eyewitnesses.

Fox News, citing a KDKA report said the man was standing in line behind the boy and his family when he suddenly stabbed the boy.

From the Pittsburgh Post¸ “According to police, the boy was stabbed in the neck inside the McDonald’s at Liberty Avenue and Stanwix Street near Market Square around 2 p.m.”

Officers Ross Small, Harry Siwik and Steve Harris sustained minor injuries during the fracas. The two McDonald’s employees, David Lewandowski and Henry Seifried were also injured.

The Post continued, “According to the criminal complaint, Mr. Turner fought with officers as they tried to arrest him. The complaint alleges that Mr. Turner used racial slurs against officers, patrons, and employees during his arrest and bit one of the witnesses.”

Allen noted a local Pittsburgh television station reported that Turner was uttering “white devils” and other racial slurs at the scene of the crime, clearly making this a hate crime.

The Post-Gazette left out the details of the slurs Turner used during the attack on the boy.

The police report also said, “In the criminal complaint, a witness told police that Mr. Turner tackled the child from behind; when people tried to pull Mr. Turner away they noticed the child’s neck was slashed.”

Officials said Turner has a lengthy criminal record and has been arrested numerous times for crimes such as “aggravated assault, aggravated harassment by a prisoner, and simple assault, with crimes going back to the 1980’s,” according to Gateway Pundit.

Ironically (or not), despite making clearly racist comments as he carried out his attack, Turner has not been charged with a hate crime.

As Allen notes, had the roles (or races) been reversed, the media would have reported this incident quite differently, breathlessly blaming a “white supremacist” for attacking a “person of color.”

As an example of media bias, Allen cited the horrific shooting in Boulder, Colorado this week. Initially, the media (and Twitter mob) immediately jumped to the conclusion that the shooter was a “white supremacist” and further that “all mass shootings are done by white males.”

As soon as it was learned that the shooter wasn’t white but in fact a Muslim from Syria, they completely backed off the racial narrative and transitioned to making it about guns.

Ironically with the shooting last week in Atlanta, where six of the victims were Asian-Americans, guns were barely mentioned. Why? It didn’t fit the narrative.


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