YouTube Issues Hard Strike, Demonetizes and Temporarily Bans Steven Crowder

This is one battle cry we’ve issued for years. Big Tech put a target on our backs long ago, and it wasn’t just for show. On Monday, YouTube issued a hard strike on our main channel saying our Nevada voter fraud video titled “HUGE: Nevada Voter Mysteries Deepen!” which YouTube has since removed, violated their spam, deceptive practices and scams policy. Then in a separate email, they informed us that “During a recent review, our team of policy specialists carefully looked over the videos you’ve uploaded to your channel StevenCrowder. We found that a significant portion of your channel is not in line with our monetization policies.”

Yes, they demonetized our channel. Well, channels, plural. Even CrowderBits got hit with demonetization. They informed us of that in a third email to our counsel, Bill Richmond. It was in this third email they informed us that during the next week, we would not be able to upload content or post to our main YouTube channel.

Oh, and Twitter has suspended the @scrowder account without giving a reason, for the fourth time in a bout a month. It almost feels coordinated. See also Twitter Suspends Steven Crowder’s Account AGAIN and YouTube AGE-RESTRICTED Crowder?! War Against Big Tech Heats Up.

In an email to Bill Richmond, YouTube also cited advertiser pressure:

“Unfortunately, in recent months the Steven Crowder channel has incurred two violations identified to date of our Community Guidelines and repeated violations of our monetization policies, including those related to misinformation and incendiary and demeaning content. We have also recently received renewed advertiser criticism about content on the Steven Crowder channel. We have a responsibility to ensure that our community is safe for creators, viewers, and advertisers.”

What are we doing next? We’re still posting content to BlazeTV. For years we’ve talked about the reality of Big Tech’s powers. Well here is evidence of it. We were not blowing smoke. It wasn’t a ploy to sell mugs. The threat was always real and here it is, attacking us. If you’re not a Mug Club subscriber, then you’re watching us on YouTube. Which you cannot do for the next week, and it’s hard to know how much longer after that. Get on the right side of this battle and subscribe.

We’ll also continue uploading podcasts for as long as we’re able. Understand that it is through Mug Club where we can say what we want without fear or cancelation. If you want to send a message to Big Tech, if you want to support free speech, Mug Club is the answer. We’ve heralded this cry for years.

No, we’re not done facing off against YouTube. But let’s be honest, they’ve been gunning for conservatives for a long time. They’re Goliath with billions of dollars. We’re not the first creator they’ve aimed to take out, nor will we be the last. Make no mistake, the real enemy they’re hoping to destroy is you. You’re not allowed to hear views that fall outside the permitted leftist dogma. You’re not allowed to laugh at non-PC jokes. You’re not allowed to hear alternative points about the election, COVID, or how many genders there really are. Steven Crowder may be the one locked in their sights. But you’re the real target.

We can’t fight this one alone. Will you stand with us? Or will you carry on with what’s comfortable and easy?

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff

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