Grandma and her dog stabbed to death by Hispanic man in police-defunded, sanctuary-city Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA– On Thursday, March 25th, a grandmother and her dog were stabbed to death by a random attacker. A bystander hit the suspect in the head with a rock, knocking him unconscious long enough for authorities to take him into custody. 

According to reports, the woman, 66-year-old Jeanne Edgar and her dog were killed near a San Dimas park by a man in his early 20’s, authorities said.

Around 1:30 p.m., Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies responded to the scene after several calls were made regarding a woman being attacked. 

The department said in a statement:

“The call indicated a woman was screaming and later updated indicating a woman was being stabbed,” 

Witnesses at the scene told authorities that the alleged attacker, now identified as 23-year-old Ricardo Saldivar, was walking around the park yelling that he was going to kill someone. Saldivar allegedly first attempted to attack a man, only identified as Joe, who was able to run away from him, authorities said.

Joe said:

“I see in my peripheral vision, this guy – he looks like he’s deranged and on drugs,”

He continued:

“He approaches me, and he says something along the lines of ‘I’m going to kill you.’”

That is when Saldivar turned his attention to Edgar and her dog. 

The Post Millennial reported that an eyewitness to the incident said:

“He took the dog and started stabbing the dog,” 

They continued:

“She was trying to save her dog.”

When deputies arrived, they found Edgar and her dog with multiple stab wounds. Both Edgar and her dog were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Authorities said:

“The suspect grabbed the female victim’s dog by the leash and yanked it free of her grasp,”

They went on to say:

“The suspect then stabbed the dog and then the female victim.”

Joe, who originally fled the Saldivar, spotted Edgar being attacked, and attempted to come to her aid. According to reports, he threw a rock, striking the suspect in the face, and knocking him unconscious.

Joe said:

“I threw it as hard as I could and it hit him and he fell over. And at that point, I see a bunch of neighbors everywhere – people yelling,” 

He went on to say:

“It was a horrific scene.”

Unfortunately the man was not quick enough to safe Edgar, however it is believed that if had not been for the man’s actions, others would have suffered the same fate. 

One witness told KCBS-TV:

“He, at that point, got out of his vehicle, found a rock, threw the rock, hit the suspect in the face, knocked him out and right shortly after that the authorities arrived,” 

Saldivar was taken into custody without further incident. He was taken to a hospital to be treated for head injuries. He is being held on $2 million bond. A motive for the attack has not been determined. 

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Los Angeles DA Gascón accused of retaliation against prosecutor who refused to dismiss felony charges against protester

March 18, 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA – L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón has been accused of playing politics and carrying out retaliation against a veteran prosecutor who refused to drop charges against a protester accused of attempting to derail a train.

Prosecutor Richard Doyle was the head Deputy District Attorney for the Compton office when Gascón took office this year. Doyle, a 34-year veteran of the office, was handling the case of three protesters charged with trying to derail a passenger train during anti-police protests on November 15.

Emanuel Padilla, Christopher Berg, and Jasmine Lomax had been charged with felony attempted train wrecking, a charge that could carry a sentence of life in prison without parole.

Video and police witnesses observed the three allegedly pulling a police barricade across three sets of train tracks near a protest against the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department over the fatal police shooting of Andres Guardado. The train tracks included one Union Pacific line and two Metro lines.

Experts said the barricade could have caused a train to derail. Police officers who witnessed the three moving the barricade rushed to the scene and removed the barricade seconds before a train collided with it, according to FOX11.

Doyle said the case against the three was strong:

“The surveillance video clearly shows that Lomax and Berg pick up the barricade and clearly drag it across. So, the evidence against them is incredibly strong just from the video.

“It was a strong case; it was a strong prosecution.”

Gascón posted a video of himself meeting with protesters against Padilla’s arrest on his first day in office on December 7.

Despite the strength of the case, Doyle said that just after Gascón was sworn into office on December 8, Doyle received a telephone call from Mario Trujillo, a member of Gascón’s executive staff. Trujillo told him the District Attorney wanted the case dropped against Emanuel Padilla:

“He told me that the DA has authorized me, Mario Trujillo, to direct you to dismiss the Padilla case for further investigation. And I said, Mario, I know the case very well, what further investigation does the DA want? And he said I don’t know.

“And I told him I’m not comfortable dismissing what I know to be a good case, a viable prosecution, without knowing the reason why, and he said, well can you just dismiss it today and we’ll find out the reasons later? And I said no.”

Doyle provided FOX11 a copy of an email he received directly from Gascón shortly after the telephone call. The email read:

“I’ve authorized DDA Mario Trujillo to instruct you to dismiss the Padilla matter. It is my understanding you are refusing to do so, and Mr. Trujillo will be appearing in court this afternoon to dismiss the matter on my behalf.”

Doyle said that Trujillo then went with him to the Compton courthouse, where Trujillo dismissed the case against Padilla:

“Trujillo then drove out to the Compton courthouse. I met him in the hallway, I gave him the file, we both went in. I sat in the audience, and when the case was called, he moved to dismiss it in the interest of justice, no discussion of further investigation.”

On Friday following the dismissal, the veteran prosecutor with no reprimands or history of discipline received a reprimand from the District Attorney. The reprimand was issued for supposedly failing to follow a direct order from the DA.

Three weeks later, Doyle was transferred from the Compton office where he supervised 66 people to a smaller assignment where he now supervises nine people. Doyle said the transfer was his punishment:

“You go into work every day, and you do the right thing, that’s what I did, and I got reprimanded for it. I interpreted it as retaliation and a punitive transfer.”

District Attorney’s Office spokesman Max Szabo said the charges were dismissed “in the interest of justice.”

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department attacked Gascón’s decision to dismiss the charges against Padilla:

“The department is disappointed and perplexed that the charges were dropped despite the clear factual evidence, and a lawful arrest for actions which jeopardized the lives of our community members.”

In some shocking jailhouse telephone call tapes obtained by FOX11, Padilla discusses what to do about obtaining an attorney for his arrest. The couple and an unidentified third person discussed using their personal attorney, Jorge Gonzalez, who is reportedly a friend of Gascón’s who donated money to his election campaign.

During the call, the unknown person tells Padilla:

Jorge might be able to get you out. The fact that he knows Gascón is pretty fu**ing big.

The tape continued with Padilla discussing how well Gonzalez knows Gascón:

“[Unintelligible] what good is that gonna be in the end, it’s not the same as having Gascón’s ear, or having Jorge [Gonzalez] just fu**ing text him, cause he’s told me, I knew him before this, he’s shown me how he texts with him, so that’s like, uh, you know, having a good mechanic versus your best friend who’s married to a mechanic at this point, I think.

“He told me that he’s spoken to him, and when he brought it up to Gascón, Gascón said he had already started reading about what’s been happening because it’s been everywhere.”

Alex Bastian, a special adviser to Gascón, denied the District Attorney was in touch with Gonzalez regarding the case:

“The DA found out after the dismissal of the case that Mr. Gonzalez was an attorney for Mr. Padilla.”

However, Gonzalez contradicted the District Attorney’s Office telling a FOX11 reporter that he did text Gascón about the case, that Gascón said he was aware of Padilla’s case, and that he told Padilla that Gascón would give him a fair shot.

Gonzalez said that his relationship with Gascón was not the reason the case was dismissed:

“Mr. Doyle’s fanciful claims that I got the Padilla case dismissed because of my ties to DA Gascon are pure fantasy from someone who ignores fairness and wants to do the Sheriff’s bidding. My support of Gascón predated the Padilla case.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department defended the arrests and said the department was disappointed by the dismissal of the case. Lt. John Satterfield said:

“Padilla’s arrest was absolutely in no way connected to his participating in protests or any exercise of his first amendment rights. The Department has been left disappointed and perplexed by the District Attorney’s bizarre decision, less than 24 hours after he was sworn into office, to drop all charges against these suspects.

For reasons known only to the District Attorney, these facts may never reach the inside of a courtroom, or the eyes and ears of a jury.”


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