Sen. Tim Scott Hammers Democrat Race-Baiting Hypocrisy After Using Filibuster Against Him

Joe Biden rambled his way into the debate over eliminating the senate filibuster this week. According to Joe it’s a relic of the Jim Eagle Jim Crow era. He didn’t have a good answer when asked, if he really feels that way, why not call for its elimination now. Jen Psaki didn’t have a good answer when challenged if Biden thought the filibuster was Jim Crow adjacent all the times he supported the filibuster. Funny how the rhetoric changes with the wind. Like all the Democrats calling the filibuster racist in 2021 after using the filibuster to block Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill in 2020.

If you’re quick to point out the OBVIOUS hypocrisy there, you are not alone. Tim Scott agrees.

Tim Scott blasts Dems overuse of ‘racist’ to describe opponents’ politics

It was a frustrating, irritating moment where the Democrats used the filibuster to block police reform that would have positively impacted disproportionately African American communities. Here’s what we know about the Democrats. They were for the filibuster before they were against the filibuster. I keep asking myself, will the real Chuck Schumer please stand up?

[Democrats] use the word racist whenever they’re trying to scare people into their corner.

I saw somewhere on Twitter the argument that “historians” and “fact-checkers” agree that the filibuster is a legacy of the Jim Crow era. The clear implication that anyone who supports it is raaaaaacist. For the fecal matter and giggles of doing so, let’s say they are sincere in their belief. The obvious question is if Democrats were celebrating the legacy of Jim Crow all the times they used the filibuster. Tim Scott is an example. The multiple times they filibustered crucial coronavirus aid comes to mind as well. I also wonder if Donald Trump’s predecessor was a Jim Crow stan when he supported the filibuster as U.S. Senator. These all seem like obvious questions to challenge the left on.

Unless — and I’m just spitballing here — Biden, Democrats, woke supremacists, “historians” and those “independent” “fact’ checkers all know that they’re full of sh!t. We should consider that as an option.

Biden ‘Attempts’ to Talk About Abusing the Filibuster | Louder With Crowder

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