Reporter Shames Ted Cruz For Not Covering His Face, Cruz’s Response is Perfect

Mask guidelines aren’t as bad as mask theater. If I need to pull a mask up over my face to buy groceries that I pull back down as soon as I leave the store, okay. That’s my choice. But the people who think masking up is a personality trait need to back the f*ck off a bit. Those are the people for whom one mask isn’t enough, so they wear two or three. Or worse, wearing a mask on your nose is, I guess, a thing now. They demand you wear a mask to make them feel better. Any reasonable question to them is met with “but Fauci says …” or seeing how many ways they can work the word “science” into a sentence.

Liberal reporters are all about mask theater. Ted Cruz has no patience for such silliness. Let’s see what happens when the two sides collide.

REPORTER: “Would you mind putting a mask on for us?”

CRUZ: “Yeah, when I’m talking to the TV camera, I’m not going to wear a mask. All of us have been immunized.”

REPORTER: “It’d make us feel better.”

CRUZ: “You’re welcome to step away if you’d like.”

“It would make us feel better.”

This is mask theater. MSNBC’s headline for this video is “Cruz ignores CDC guidelines talking to press without a mask.” Really? The CDC has guidelines for talking to the press? The guidelines are to wear a mask when social distancing can’t be achieved. Cruz looked like he had enough distance between him and the press. At least six feet, though some reports say guidelines have been lowered to three feet. CDC guidelines also say not to touch your mask, otherwise it’s ineffective. How many reporters follow that?

I know Fauci said that wearing masks is a nice thing to do. Or he at least said that once. Fauci flip-flops a lot. But “it would make it feel better” is not science. It’s a reporter being a dick.

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