NARAL Claims This Dog Supports Abortion and the Internet Has Thoughts

There are two groups of people in this world: those who believe dogs are better than people, and people who prove that point right. I’d like to suggest maybe adding a third group. Social media professionals who should be blacklisted from ever doing social media things. First on the list is the person handling Twitter for abortion stans NARAL and thought this tweet was a good idea. Meet Bandit. Bandit needs to bite his person on the leg.

Using dogs to promote abortion, and Hillary Clinton had the nerve to call the right deplorable? Sadly, there are way too many people following along, snapping pictures of their pooches and tag them as pro-abortion canines. I’m actually surprised the Biden’s haven’t yet. They’ve already exploited their dogs before. But at least one of the Biden dogs is a little bitey, so it might be for the best they don’t take part.

Twitter of course had thoughts. The obvious one is that Bandit needs better representation.

Bandit sounds like a male dog, so I doubt NARAL cares what he thinks. Also, I’m fairly certain Bandit doesn’t have any thoughts on abortion. Or equal pay for equal work. Or any other leftist political issues. Because Bandit is a dog.

If Bandit is thinking about anything, he’s thinking about belly rubs. He wants to know when he’s going to get to go to the park. Or if today is the day it finally goes down with the mailman.

Bandit may also be hungry.

The sad irony is the main thing that makes dogs better than people. Dogs are very protective of children. They know when a woman is pregnant and respond accordingly. As opposed to the ghouls at NARAL. Their response is for the woman to stop being pregnant.

Tweets like this are why some social media needs to be workshopped. Though, I’m going to assume that everyone at NARAL thought this was a good idea. Because they work at NARAL and their morality is already questionable. If abortion advocates want an animal spokesman to help promote aborting all the things, they should stick to cats. Cats are assholes.

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