Here’s The Horrifying Number of Illegals Biden’s DHS Has Freed into U.S. in Two Months

Several officials have been sounding the alarm the past month over just how bad the border crisis has gotten under Joe Biden.

And according to a new report, it’s much worse than many thought.

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The Department of Homeland Security has released at least more than 23,400 border-crossers into the United States interior since February.

Breitbart reported:

Between February 1 and March 22, Biden’s DHS released nearly 23,430 border-crossers into the U.S. interior after apprehending them at the United States-Mexico border, the data shows.

For context, the totals indicate the Biden administration has released a foreign population into the U.S. via the southern border that is more than double the population of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Likely hundreds, potentially thousands, more border crossers have been released by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, the figures for which Breitbart News has not received at the time of this publication.

From March 1 to March 22, alone, Biden’s DHS released nearly 15,600 border-crossers into the U.S. interior. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas previously suggested border crossers receive testing for the Chinese coronavirus before their release, though the agency has yet to confirm any such testing and quarantine requirements.

In a separate report from NBC News, almost 110 border-crossers that Biden’s DHS released ended up testing positive for the coronavirus between January 25 and March 1.

Breitbart added:

In the final full three months of the Trump administration, for instance, DHS released just 42 border crossers into the U.S. interior. Compare that to Biden’s rate — a nearly 56,000 percent increase in the Catch and Release program.

Many Republicans have criticized Biden’s immigration policies.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy went off after visiting a massive facility overflowing with illegal immigrants, saying it was “worse than we thought.”

“Mr. President, our border patrol agents are overwhelmed, and they deserve the help of their federal government. I am calling on you to put politics aside. Let’s work together for the security of our nation and the betterment of our people,” he said.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did not mince his words either when discussing Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis.

During an interview on Fox News, McConnell flat-out said that Biden “owns” the border crisis, and that, “It is, by definition, an emergency.”

“The previous administration did an excellent job on border security; this administration is stopping funding for the wall, as an example. How is that helpful?” he asked, rhetorically.

“Stopping the agreement with the Mexican government to contain people on the other side of the border? How is that helpful? This is a crisis. I don’t care what the Secretary of Homeland Security wants to call it; it’s a crisis.”

Former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security Alexei Woltornist, who served in the Trump administration, is calling on Congress to investigate the Biden administration’s “cover-up” of the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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During an appearance Tuesday night on Fox News, Woltornist directly accused Biden officials of lying about the situation at the border and said Congress must look into the worsening crisis.

“I think that this is a matter that Congress should investigate and find out what information [Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas] has that he’s not sharing and also explain why he’s making this decision, and it can even go as high as President Biden himself,” he said.

“We really haven’t been getting much information from the White House, and it just tells me that everything’s much worse than any of us know,” he said.

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