Dana Carvey Nails Spot-On Impersonation of Incoherent Joe Biden

Leftist comedians will claim that there’s nothing to make fun of Joe Biden for. Dana Carvey begs to differ. Oldheads like me will remember Carvey from SNL when it was Saturday Night Live. Also, from when the show was watchable. Here’s Carvey offering an impression of Joe Biden.

We did with Barack, we did the deal. And, you know, my dad, you know, lost his job in Scranton. No joke! No joke, I’m not being a wise guy here. I said, ‘Pops, why did you lose it?’ He said, ‘Joe, I did.’ My mom said, ‘That’s the cookie that crumbles.’

He knew it floated. He told Bob Woodward…Joanne Woodward. He told Bob Redford, excuse me. You know. But folks, I care. I care a lot. People are suffering. And I do, and my mother said, ‘That’s the way the cookie is.’

The brilliance of Carvey’s impersonation is it wasn’t meant to be mean or partisan. Similar to when Kate McKinnon did her spot-on impersonation destroying Hillary Clinton. The impression is meant as an homage. If you forget politics or that Joe Biden is the President of the United States, this is the impression you would do. It’s just a meandering, incoherent, possibly senile, seventy-eight-year-old man. The mockery of Biden is accidental. The pro-Biden people in the studio don’t realize Carvey is portraying Biden as a dunderheaded old coot. Because he doesn’t mean to. It’s just natural what you would make fun of if someone had Biden’s exact mannerism. Which makes the impression that much more hysterical.

Then you remember the seventy-eight-year-old man has the nuclear codes. And the laughter stops. As laughter usually does on the Stephen Colbert Show.

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