BLM Activists Trap Shoppers Inside Grocery Store

Black Lives Matter activists in New York trapped people inside a supermarket as they protested outside the store.

The footage was filmed outside a Wegmans in Rochester on Tuesday, and shows employees shutting the doors on dozens of social justice activists that attempted to invade the store.

The protests began around 10AM with close to 200 people taking part in the effort, saying they’re “shutting s*#! down!”

The activists next went to a nearby Wegmans where they chanted, “Black Lives Matter,” as they banged on windows frightening grocery store shoppers.

The unruly protesters prompted the store to shut down, as customers inside hoped they’d soon be able to leave and get their groceries home.

The mob was assembled on the anniversary of the death of 41-year-old Daniel Prude who died during an altercation with police.

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