BIDEN’S AMERICA: More than 2,400 Criminal Aliens Released in Just San Francisco

The Biden administration is continuing to distribute illegal aliens throughout the country while lying to the American people with claims that the “border is closed” and that ‘immigration officials are handling the current influx.’

And what’s more, thousands of them are criminals — beyond the fact that they broke our country’s law against illegal entry.

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What began as a matter of ‘sanctuary’ policy in California, whereby state and local authorities were forbidden by policy or law from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, has now blossomed into a full-blown crisis under Biden’s permissive open-border edicts.

As legal watchdog Judicial Watch notes in a Tuesday press release:

Judicial Watch announced today its taxpayer lawsuit against the San Francisco Sheriff’s sanctuary policy uncovered that over 2,400 criminal illegal aliens were released under the department’s policy on communications with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) about criminal illegal aliens in the Sheriff’s custody. (Cynthia Cerletti v. Vicki Hennessy, Sheriff (No. CGC-16-556164)). A court hearing in the court challenge is scheduled for April 5.

Judicial Watch notes in a recent court filing the Sheriff’s office’s policy, “is so effective in regulating immigration and obstructing Congress’ purposes under federal immigration law that, in over 2,401 known instances, it has never resulted in ICE taking into custody a single alien, not even aliens with significant criminal backgrounds wanted for removal.

This latest action is linked to a 2016 lawsuit on behalf of California taxpayer Cynthia Cerlett alleging that the sheriff department’s restrictions on communicating with ICE agents are in conflict with federal immigration law and summarily attempt to regulate immigration policy on a local level, which is unconstitutional.

Some of the illegal alien criminals in the sheriff’s custody but were summarily released include:

  • A citizen of Cuba faced charges for burglary and a parole violation, with a prior burglary conviction.
  • A citizen of Vietnam faced charges for robbery, battery, and assault.
  • A citizen of Ethiopia was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a peace officer, receiving stolen property, a parole violation, and had prior convictions for stolen property crimes.
  • A citizen of Mexico had a long list of current and prior offenses, including convictions for assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, felony assault, false imprisonment, burglary, vehicle theft, and probation violations, including one revocation of probation. This individual appeared to have been arrested at least nine times between January 2015 and March 2020.
  • A citizen of Honduras was facing instant charges of burglary. His 5-page rap sheet included prior convictions on felonies such as burglary while in possession of a concealed, loaded firearm, giving false information to an officer, child endangerment, theft, domestic violence, robbery, assault, and violating a restraining order.
  • Another citizen of Mexico was facing instant charges of robbery, domestic violence and assault and also was the subject of an ICE detainer and warrant of arrest after a biometric match with DHS records. The alien had three recent, separate, prior felony convictions: two for auto theft and one for burglary, which had occurred over a 15-month period ending two and one-half years prior to the instant offense.

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“Judicial Watch’s taxpayer lawsuit shows that the San Francisco Sheriff’s sanctuary policy is not only unlawful but is a clear and present danger to the public safety,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

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