WATCH: Hannity Delivers Must-See Monologue Exposing Biden’s Blatant Coverup Of Border Crisis

The Biden administration’s reckless immigration policies have led to a humanitarian disaster only two months into his presidency, and a frantic effort is underway to hide the truth from the American people.

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Despite Biden’s efforts to clamp down on media access to holding facilities as well as a “gag order” on Border Patrol personnel, damning new evidence has emerged in the form of pictures obtained by Axios that show the miserable conditions that migrant children are being subjected to.

Biden’s defenders in the media will continue to try to explain away the pictorial evidence that kids are being kept in cages where they are vulnerable to COVID, but it’s a losing battle. Conservatives are blowing the whistle on the administration’s blatant coverup, including Fox News host Sean Hannity who dropped the hammer in an epic monologue on Monday night:

Biden’s ‘immoral’ cages are back. And now they’re worse than ever. Zero room for social distancing, not a lot of mask wearing. Some of these facilities are operating at well over 100%. Some at over 700% capacity. At one holding center migrant children are now taking turns sleeping with tinfoil blankets on the floor, many are not able to shower for days on end. The media is still unable to see the inside of the cargo shipping containers, you know the ones with the tiny windows with bars where they are dumping kids. Now, even fake news CNN is finally comparing these conditions to a prison cell,” said Hannity.

How bad is it? Even CNN is admitting that children are being held in “jail-like” conditions:

Hannity continued, “According to the Biden administration, there’s no crisis whatsoever, just like there were no riots over the summer. They want you to think that they have it totally under control. They do not. They want you to know that they’re definitely not putting kids in cages. Doesn’t look like it to us. And for some suspicious reason, they won’t let any of us see the inside of any of these facilities. In fact, they won’t let anyone in the media so much as speak to border enforcement officials. Those officials will get in trouble if they tell the media anything. They want all interview requests to go through Washington, D.C.

Watch the entire monologue HERE.

The campaign promises of Biden and other Democrats made it clear to tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of illegal immigrants that the new U.S. policy would be one of open borders. Unsurprisingly they responded by pouring into the country in numbers that overwhelmed the ability to process them, leading to the current crisis.

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Suspiciously absent from the border are the congressional delegations that were accompanied by the media which were commonplace during the Trump administration. The narrative of “kids in cages” that was being used to whip up public sentiment against his no-nonsense immigration policies is now missing under new leadership.

Also missing is the feigned moral outrage of Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who compared the way children were handled under Trump to WW II German “concentration camps”, and engaged in cynical photo ops that went viral on social media (despite being staged).

Biden needs to be held to the same standards that Trump was, and thanks to guys like Hannity the truth is getting out to the American people.

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Author: Chris Donaldson

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