Kamala Harris Laughs at Reporter Who Asks About Visiting the Border

We’ve all had an uncontrollable case of the giggles before. The timing of nervous laughter isn’t always appropriate. But when you are the vice president of the United States, you might want to control yourself. I don’t know if this is a nervous tic from Kamala Harris. Maybe it’s more of a “tell” when she is hiding something. I’d love to play poker with her one day. You could ask her if she’s bluffing, then watch her say “no” while she squirts milk out of her nose trying to contain her laughter. Whatever Harris’ excuse is, laughing about visiting the border that’s in crisis because of your boss’ policies is less than appropriate.

For the love of God, woman, read the room.

Kamala Harris Laughs When Asked If She Has Plans To Visit The Border Given The Crisis


REPORTER: Madame Vice President, will you visit the border to see how badly you guys messed up?


REPORTER: I don’t think laughing is appropriate. This country has a real problem thanks to you and the old man.


REPORTER: Are the cages you’re putting kids in more better than Donald Trump’s kids in cages?


Obviously, she wouldn’t be going that day! The White House would need time to straighten the place up. You have no idea how hard it is to hide thousands of caged migrants wrapped in aluminum foil. An entire staging crew would have to be called. Comfortable furniture and decorations would have to be brought in. Children would have to be auditioned to see who was photogenic enough to run up to Harris and give her a hug. Using people as props doesn’t just happen overnight. A lot of hard work goes into it!

Maybe that’s what Harris was laughing at. She was practicing her response for when a “random” migrant told her what a wonderful job she is doing, how much better she is than Donald Trump, and how everyone wishes she was president. Only it’s all in Spanglish.

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