Joe Biden Is The Crisis

Recent events concerning the current version of the President of the United States make the chaos at the border actually seem secondary.

Biden’s homage to Gerald Ford and Hillary Clinton is begging for deeper analysis, regardless of a blanketed media blackout by the leftist press.

There’s cautious, and then there is the Gold Medal performance of the Air Force One Olympic Event that 78-year-old brain-surgery-survivor Biden, the leader of the dwindling free world, pulled off.

The White House will obviously fabricate anything to cover up the unrelenting Biden train wreck . Of course, what can you expect from an Administration riddled with chronic potheads.

And as the international community lead by Russia and China throw more logs on the Biden tailspin, blindsiding Joe’s amateur administration with fire and brimstone, the border is thrown into chaos.

Known terrorists are detained by an immigration department that can barely enforce anything under Biden’s free-for-all “Cloward and Piven” onslaught.

Americans scratch their heads and wonder, did any terrorists actually make it through?

This has to be the most miserable administration I have ever witnessed in my lifetime as an American citizen.

And if you want a quick look at popular opinion, look no further than the like/dislike ratio on the White House YouTube channel: America ain’t happy, Joe.

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Author: Jon Bowne

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