Texas Rangers investigating after officer helping an injured woman shoots and kills a rifle-wielding man

WYLIE, TX – Investigators are currently looking into a fatal officer-involved shooting of an allegedly armed male suspect. The shooting was said to have been enacted by a Wylie Police officer who was trying to tend to an injured woman following a crash during the early morning hours of March 17th. 

The series of events started when Wylie Police were called out to a crash at the CVS Pharmacy at the intersection of West Kirby Street and Texas 78 at approximately 2:26 a.m. on March 17th. 

It just so happens that an officer was already in the parking lot at the time of the crash, as he was in the middle of an unrelated traffic stop. The truck involved in the crash literally went through one of the walls of the CVS building. 

The officer on the scene had reportedly seen a woman suffering from some sort of injury following the crash, according to Wylie Police spokesman Sergeant Donald English, while also witnessing “a male suspect holding a rifle.”

Sergeant English stated that the officer ordered the male suspect to drop the weapon “because obviously he knows the woman is injured,” but the male suspect allegedly did “not obey those commands.”

From there, according to details provided by Sergeant English, the “officer takes a shot trying to get to the woman to give aid to her.”

When asked whether the male suspect had raised the rifle toward the officer at any point during the interaction prior to the fatal shooting, Sergeant English relayed that it’s unclear as of this time: 

“I’m not sure exactly at what point, if he raised, he was holding the rifle. He was considered a threat to that female and to that officer.”

By the time EMS had arrived on the scene, both the male suspect shot by police and the woman initially found injured were pronounced deceased. Their identities have been released. 

According to a statement released by the Texas Rangers, the Wylie Police Department had reached out to them to lead the investigation into the matter: 

“At the request of the Wiley Police Department, Texas Rangers have been requested to investigate an officer involved incident. The investigation is ongoing and no additional information is currently available.”

As of this writing, investigators suspect that both of the deceased individuals were involved in some sort of domestic incident prior to the vehicle crashing into the building. 

While there were a number of employees inside of the CVS building during the time of the crash, no employees were reported injured. 

The identity of the officer involved in the shooting has not been released by officials as of this writing. 

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In other news relating to officer-involved shootings, an incident in Rochester, New York is being investigated after an officer shot a suspect reportedly armed with a knife earlier in March. 

Here’s that previous report. 


ROCHESTER, NY – An officer-involved shooting that proved fatal for a suspect reportedly armed with a knife is currently being investigated by officials. 

While the victim has not yet been publicly identified, bodycam footage from the incident has been released regarding the March 10th incident. 

According to reports, an officer from the Rochester Police Department has been placed on administrative leave following the fatal shooting of a reportedly armed suspect during the early morning hours of March 10th. 

The incident was said to have started after officers were dispatched to the Open Door Mission homeless shelter after reports came in regarding a man who’d taken some knives out of the kitchen and had run outside of the shelter. 

Staff members from the shelter were reportedly unfamiliar with the man alleged to have stolen the knives from the kitchen.

Bodycam footage from the incident shows when officers had arrived and were instructing the suspect to drop the knife.

Rochester Interim Police Chief Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan said that during this interaction between responding officers and the suspect, the armed individual allegedly threatened to, “kill the officers or the officers would have to kill him.”

As seen on the bodycam footage released, officers continue to try talking the suspect down.

While this is ongoing, the suspect continues to walk toward officers as police are retreating backwards while issuing orders for the suspect to drop the weapon. 

Chief Herriott-Sullivan said officers wound up retreating backwards about 400 feet, before the suspect tries to close the gap on one of the officers on scene. 

The officer that the suspect was closing in on while armed stated the following to the suspects before the fatal shooting: 

“Boss, I need you to drop the knife right. C’mon man, we ain’t gotta go down this road.”

“Boss, you need to stop. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t. Back up right now.”

At this point in the video, the suspect appears to quicken his pace toward the officer, before what sounds like five shots being fired by the unidentified officer.

Based upon the multiple perspectives showcased in the released footage from the incident, the suspect appeared to be mere feet away from the officer before the shots were fired. 

As of this writing, Chief Herriott-Sullivan is not making any sort of conclusive statements as to whether the officer-involved shooting was justified or not. 

With the current climate revolving around officer-involved shootings, Chief Herriott-Sullivan was asked whether, in this scenario, it would have been appropriate to involve the Person in Crisis team alongside officers.

In response to that notion, Chief Herriott-Sullivan stated that this situation was simply “too fluid” and “dangerous” to have involved something akin to the PIC team: 

“When you have an incident like this where it’s a person with a weapon, for their own safety, they’re not sent to those calls. From what I’ve seen, it was too fluid, too dangerous, and we would’ve kept them back anyway.”

Mayor Lovely Warren, who admits that the situation is “heartbreaking” due to there being a loss of life involved, also concurred with the police chief’s sentiments on whether a crisis intervention team could’ve influenced a different outcome.

The New York State Attorney General’s office and District Attorney Sandra Doorley’s office are actively reviewing the case. There’s currently no indication as of this writing that responding officers acted inappropriately during the incident. 

This matter is the subject of an active investigation.

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