Biden’s White House Suddenly Firing People Who Smoked Pot Before

“She was working in the West Wing with three other individuals. One of them was a male, and the other two, well, the other two were females. God only knows what horrible policies they came up with in there … and furthermore, Mr. President, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked marijuana cigarettes …”
-Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (2021 Reboot)

Think back to the 2020 campaign, when Kamala Harris admitted to smoking pot while bumpin’ to Snoop. The vice president wasn’t the only one working in the White House who liked to rock the gange. Staffers prior to working at the White House liked to indulge in the marijuana. That’s PRIOR to working at the White House. Though if you look at Biden’s immigration policy, you’d think they were getting stoned IN the White House. Allegedly not. But some staffers have gotten high before. Told the White House prior to accepting the job. The White House said it was okay. However, according to the Daily Beast, someone in the administration changed their mind. People who admitted to toking in the past suddenly find themselves suspended, forced to work remotely, or asked to resign.

The policy has even affected staffers whose marijuana use was exclusive to one of the 14 states—and the District of Columbia—where cannabis is legal. Sources familiar with the matter also said a number of young staffers were either put on probation or canned because they revealed past marijuana use in an official document they filled out as part of the lengthy background check for a position in the Biden White House.

Asked about the policy and its effect on the administration’s staffing, a White House spokesperson said the Biden administration is “committed to bringing the best people into government—especially the young people whose commitment to public service can deepen in these positions,” and noted that the White House’s approach to past marijuana use is much more flexible than previous administrations.

The story is pretty messed up. The staffers were honest about past drug use. They were, allegedly, told it was okay. They started working a job political nerds dream of. Then one day they’re told, “Nah, son. We changed our mind. Get your patchouli stink out of here!” Though the article says that some of these decisions could be a result of inconsistencies that came up during the background check process. The staffer could have said the last time they smoked up was two years ago. When in actuality, they waaked and baked the day of their interview. You would think if you’re hiring people to work at THE WHITE HOUSE, you would complete the background check before giving someone a job. But I’m not a human resources professional, so what do I know? You’d also think the president of the United States would remember who the president of the United States is. That’s not the reality we currently live in. Altered or otherwise.

As the White House received bad press for this throughout the day, we’ll see if the firings and suspension remain. Or if the policy is revised by end of business. I just feel bad for the staffers. We may not agree on much if anything at all. But I’m sure we could agree listening to Joe Biden incoherently stutter his way through the presidency would be more enjoyable with a little herbal recreation.

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