Manchin Goes Rogue; Admits Border Situation Is A Crisis

Only two months into his presidency it is painfully obvious that Joe Biden’s open borders policy is a colossal disaster that worsens by the day.

Despite the growing humanitarian crisis in which children have been crammed into crowded tents, prevented from showering for days, and potentially exposed to COVID, Democrats remain largely silent. The only time they seem to speak out is when they’re blaming President Donald J. Trump.

The Biden administration is continuing to downplay the border crisis. With migrants flooding into the U.S. in such numbers that they are overwhelming DHS’s ability to process them, it is unlikely that even Biden’s best efforts to control the messaging are going to be successful. The media is now beginning to take notice.

Now, the first crack in the wall for Democrats’ lockstep unity has appeared and it’s a big one.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has broken with the Biden regime by using the C-word to describe the border situation.

In remarks that were reported by CNN, Manchin said: “It’s a crisis. Oh, it’s a crisis.”

Manchin also appeared to criticize the White House’s incoherent messaging, “Whatever message was sent — it was sure interpreted the wrong way,” he added.

As far as that messaging goes, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has refused to circle back to admit the obvious: that the ideologues who run Biden’s immigration policy are responsible for the problems at the southern border.

When pressed by Peter Doocy of Fox News on whether the dispatching of FEMA – an agency tasked with disaster response – to the border qualified the crisis as a disaster, Psaki was evasive.

I know that we always get into the fun of labels around here, but I would say our focus is on solutions, and this is one of the steps that the president felt would help not become a final solution, but help expedite processing, help ensure that people who are coming across the border have access to health and medical care,” said Psaki.

Doocy persisted, “With FEMA though, specifically their mission is helping people before, during and after disasters.” He added, “We’ve heard you say that it’s a problem, that it’s a challenge. Is it now a disaster?”

I appreciate the opportunity. I do like your mask. But I will say that FEMA is there to help ensure that the people who are at the border, who are coming across the border, have access to HHO and ORR shelters, that we can swiftly place them with vetted families,” replied Psaki.

She added, “They’re playing a number of roles there to address what we feel is a significant problem and a significant challenge and I think we haven’t been hiding about that.”

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Biden has now called for the refugees to stop coming but that isn’t likely going to stop the flood, especially when they are showing up at the border wearing t-shirts with his name on them.

Since the Democrats regained control of the Senate, Manchin has been a major thorn in their side as he is the closest thing to a moderate that remains in a fully radicalized party. He has butted heads with leaders over his reluctance to nuke the filibuster, which would remove the only obstacle to an agenda that would destroy America as it currently exists.

Manchin will only further incur his party’s wrath by committing the unforgivable sin of telling the truth.

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Author: Chris Donaldson

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