Surge of Migrants at US-Mexico Border Leaves Journo “In Shock”

An American journalist is “in shock” after covering the historic illegal migration surge at the southern border for just three hours.

Town Hall’s Julio Rosas confirms there is “definitely a crisis” unfolding as hundreds of thousands of migrants from around the world make their way up through Mexico to the United States.

Rosas, a U.S. Marine, says he was stunned by the number of illegal aliens he encountered during a short period on busy trail south of McAllen, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley.

“Just spent three hours right on the U.S.-Mexico border and I’m still in shock at how many people illegally crossed during that time. I knew it was happening, but it’s different when you see it up close,” Rosas wrote on social media.

“In 3 hours, 263 immigrants made their way towards the processing site Border Patrol has set up after they illegally crossed into the US. That number is just the people who wanted to be caught and it included women, small children, and unaccompanied minors.”

Rosas says he and Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera encountered group after group of illegal aliens who were directed to turn themselves in to border authorities.

“Think about it. This was only three hours in one portion of one sector along the southern border on one day,” Cabrera told Rosas.

Cabrera asserts the word “crisis” is an incorrect descriptor for the situation, as it was foreseeable and avoidable.

“A crisis implies we didn’t see it coming. We knew what was going to happen with the removal of [Trump’s] policies but no one cared to ask us,” Cabrera said.

Nearly 24,000 illegal aliens were captured in the Rio Grande Valley during a recent two-week span, including more than 2,000 last Thursday alone.

National File’s Patrick Howley has been on a social media tear as of late and will stop at nothing until the world knows the truth.

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