GOP PRIMARY BID? Former Fox News Host Eric Bolling Considering Congressional Bid in S.C.

Don’t look now, but a familiar former Fox News host may be about to launch a primary bid against a Republican incumbent in South Carolina.

According to Politico, Wall Street trader-turned-conservative TV pundit Eric Bolling is said to be discussing a congressional bid in his adopted home state that could come against a Republican lawmaker who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump in January or a freshman GOP rep who did not vote to impeach but who nevertheless blamed the former president for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

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Politico reports:

Conservative TV talk show host Eric Bolling is in preliminary discussions about waging a congressional campaign in his adoptedhome state of South Carolina, according to multiple people familiar with the talks.

People briefed on the discussions say it isn’t immediately clear where Bolling would run, but that he could potentially wage a primary against GOP Rep. Tom Rice, who voted for then-President Donald Trump’s impeachment, or another Republican representative, Nancy Mace.

“I absolutely love living in South Carolina and taking time to listen to voters (and viewers), and what I hear is total frustration with President Biden’s aggressive progressive agenda. South Carolina is conservative, and South Carolinians deserve conservative representation in D.C.,” Bolling said when contacted by Politico.

It’s no secret that the former president is friendly with Bolling. It’s also no secret that Trump has said he will be targeting, politically speaking, Republicans who voted to impeach him an unprecedented second time. And that will serve Bolling well in a very red state.

Mace, while she didn’t vote to impeach, did blame him for the riot and predicted in mid-January that more GOP lawmakers actually would have voted with Democrats to impeach if the latter party had not rushed the process.

“No matter even if you think the president is guilty as hell, like many—many do believe there has to be due process, there has to be an investigation, we have to go even if it’s through special committee work or judiciary,” she told Meet the Press. “Those things needed to happen in order for impeachment really. I think you would have gotten more Republicans on board if it were done with due process and with an investigation.”

“We do need to find a way to hold the president accountable, and we’re doing that in the press,” Mace added. And a day after the riot, she told The State newspaper she no longer believed in Trump.

Bolling was said to have dipped his toe in the political pool before. He moved to South Carolina a number of years ago in advance of a potential primary against Sen. Lindsey Graham but ultimately that contest did not materialize. And these days, Graham appears to be solidly in Trump’s camp though at times he can still revert to his previous RINO ways.

That said, other conservatives Trump would likely support are already lining up to potentially challenge GOP lawmakers who defied the party and the former president. That includes former U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

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He indicated last month he could step up to challenge an increasingly unpopular East Coast carpetbagger, Sen. Mitt Romney, in 2024.

During a segment on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Chaffetz said he’ll decide in the next couple years when asked about a potential Senate bid to oust Romney.

“Yes, I would,” Chaffetz said. “I’d think about it.”

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