Woman Attempts to ‘Mask-Shame’ Dude, Quickly Discovers She’s an Idiot

Wearing a mask of yourself wearing a mask wrong is the trend America needs. It makes sense when you think of it. There are people in this country, silly, somewhat unhinged people, who think it’s their job to play mask police. If they see you maskless in public, you will be shamed! They feel it’s their “patriotic” duty. Plus, think of all the likes and retweets they can get on Twitter! Panic porn-addicted, overzealous mask advocates love the smell of each other’s flatulence.

When really, the truly patriotic thing to do is to f*** with these people. The last guy we saw do it, the other person at least had a sense of humor about it. This broad, not so much. The story starts with her smartphone out to document the alleged maskless person.

“I mean, I don’t understand why you would wear a mask like that.”

You. People like YOU are why he would wear a mask like that. People who see someone not as masked up as the CDC says to be, and their first instinct ISN”T to mind their own beeswax. People’s whose first instinct is to lecture strangers in the store. People like YOU are the exact reason why someone would wear a mask like that.

Lady, take the L. You got caught in a prank. You’re not the only one with your smartphone out. In this instance, you were in fact the a-hole. Admit it. Laugh it off. Say, “You got me, dawg.” Move on to the next aisle. Maybe you can spot two people only standing five feet and ten inches away from each other.

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