Chinese billionaires’ dangerous involvement with regime; 90 y/o justice-seeker detained by police

A 90-year-old in China is detained by police. She’s been fighting for her rights for more than a decade, after her home was torn down by authorities.

Some of China’s richest are now behind bars. That’s after they were recruited by the Chinese Communist Party, and got a little too involved in its internal power struggle.

Is Xi Jinping the cause for the Chinese regime’s aggression? The daughter of Mao Zedong’s secretary says the CCP has long sought global domination.

Beijing is pushing its digital currency to compete on the world stage. It’s going up against the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

And the U.S. Commerce Secretary is found to own a stake in a Chinese tech giant. The corporation owns messaging App WeChat, which is now under review by the Commerce department.

00:00 Intro
01:03 90 y/o justice-seeker detained by Chinese police
03:26 Chinese tycoons’ role in China’s CPPCC committee
06:07 Chinese farmers: we can’t afford health insurance
08:48 Mother calls for help to save dying son
10:45 List of Chinese human rights abusers submitted
12:04 Daughter of Mao’s secretary: CCP’s global ambition
17:41 U.S. commerce secretary owns stake in WeChat
19:05 Senator questions NBA’s deal w/ Chinese TV
20:24 Huawei to build internet cables for France
21:53 Third death in HK following Chinese vaccine shots
22:44 CCP: doubts over vaccine ‘conspiracy theories’

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Chinese billionaires’ dangerous involvement with regime; 90 y/o justice-seeker detained by police
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