MSNBC Suddenly Pushes Back on Greta Thunberg When She Dares Criticize Joe Biden

Leftists and the media like using celebrity spokespeople they claim are beyond criticism, either because of their age, because they represent one or more of the preferred marginalized groups, or because they’re sciencey. They don’t have to actually know what they’re talking about or be accurate. They just have to repeat liberal talking points and be used as a weapon against conservatives. But only against conservatives. If those same heroes (or sheroes) ever question someone on the left, suddenly Democrats don’t want to sit with them any more. Just look at former child star David Hogg. Pope Anthony Fauci found himself disregarded as nothing more than a “holdover from the Trump administration” earlier this year. If this clip from MSNBC is any indication, it appears Greta Thunberg is on a one-way ticket to Splitsville. Population: Her. Don’t worry, though. The ticket is for a sailboat to reduce carbon things.

Greta knows that when she is interviewed, her job is to make people feel bad about themselves for stealing her future and not treating the planet like a literal ticking time bomb. But that was when Trump was president. When she tried the same schtick under Biden, suddenly the media demanded specifics.

GRETA: Joe Biden should be taking climate change —

MSNBC: Excuse me, it’s called climate JUSTICE now.

GRETA: … m’kay. But Joe Biden needs to be treating it like a crisis.

MSNBC: Give me SPECIFICS! You can’t just criticize people speaking in generalities. You’re not a kid any more.

GRETA: I kinda still am. And you let me do it with Donald Trump.

MSNBC: Silly girl. We hated thhat guy.

Joe Biden, of course, has pushed a number of climate justice change science plans. We know this because of everyone pointing out how horrible they are.

Here’s what I think happened. Greta Thunberg was invited on MSNBC to sing the praise of Joe Biden when it comes to literally saving the planet. Like, if Al Gore and Captain Planet had a baby, it would be Joe Biden. However, they forgot to send Greta the updated talking points. She was going off of the old script where ‘Merica isn’t being super serious enough about how we’re all going to die. The talking points that made her deified by leftists with murals. She probably just didn’t get the memo.

I’m sure she’ll have the latest lines by her next interview. Or, we won’t hear from her until the President DeSantis administartion.

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