Congressional Candidate Tries to Ride Elephant Across Mexican Border with Mariachi Band (Flashback)

There is a crisis at the southern border. I’d throw an allegedly in there, but even the Washington Post is admitting it. Joe Biden announces plans for a massive amnesty bill. Migrants come pouring through the border so they can call themselves “undocumented citizens” if and when the bill passes. Ta-da! A surge at the border that WaPo reports the administration is rushing to accommodate with few plans to contain it. Basically, it’s everything conservatives have warned about any time a form of amnesty has been discussed since 1986. And this is just from Biden announcing his attentions. A bill hasn’t even been passed yet.

To give you an example of how long we’ve been having these arguments, this video is from 2006. Raj Peter Bhakta was a congressional candidate from Pennsylvania. He was also a former “The Apprentice” candidate, because all roads go back to Donald Trump. Bhakta witness firsthand the lax border security and devised a stunt to illustrate it. All it took was a camera crew, an elephant, and a mariachi band.

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This is the state of U.S. Border Security. Here I am on the Rio Grande. Having just come across on an elephant. With a mariachi band playing. And there’s nobody here. Play on, boys!

He told the Brownsville Herald at the time, “The elephant never made landfall into Mexico, but I tell you something, he could have made 15 laps back and forth, but no one showed up.” The point is how easy it could have been. A dude on an elephant with a band didn’t attract attention in 2006. In 2021, families aren’t even sneaking. They’re coming right to the border because, as one current congressman puts it, “They know they’ll be released into the country shortly after.”

Border crossings DECREASED under Donald Trump. Under President Biden, they are six times what the Obama administration called a “crisis.” Yes, the same Obama admin that Biden was a part of. Joe Biden was so quick to executive-order away everything President Trump did that he signed himself into another border crisis. Or, a more cynical mind would point to how much leftists stan illegal immigration and allege this could be by design. Either way, it’s unsustainable.

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