Washington Post admits March 4th ‘threat to takeover the Capitol’ was a non-existent ‘mirage’

WASHINGTON, DC – The Washington Post, among other major news outlets, widely reported on alleged threats against the Capitol that were slated to occur on March 4th. 

But, as it would turn out, nothing on March 4th happened – and the Washington Post has since published numerous pieces noting that perhaps the whole thing was blown out of proportion. 

On March 3rd, the Washington Post dropped a headline that read, “Capitol Police say intelligence shows militia group may be plotting to breach the Capitol“.

The first sentence within the March 3rd article mentioned that the Capitol Police received information about possible threats slated for March 4th, while the WaPo mentioned QAnon as potentially being relevant to the matter: 

“The U.S. Capitol Police said Wednesday that they have information regarding a possible plot by a militant group to breach the Capitol on Thursday, a date that some followers of the QAnon extremist ideology falsely claim will mark former president Donald Trump’s return to the White House.”

The article continued from there, noting that there was some “unidentified group” that was composed of “militia violent extremists” that were discussing “plans to take control of the U.S. Capitol”. 

The articles from the Washington Post continued to piggyback off of these theories of possible extremist violence coming from Trump supporters, with articles such as “Why March 4 matters to QAnon extremists“.

But then, March 4th arrived…and the Capitol was pretty quiet. 

After what can be best described as a nothing-burger, the Washington Post dropped the headline titled “Threats of a QAnon-fueled March 4 attack create disruptions but little trouble. Researchers say police overreacted.

Hours after that article was published, WaPo then published an article titled “At the Capitol, a March 4 threat from militant Trump supporters proves a mirage“.

This nonsense about March 4th has been getting peddled since at least January 20th, with Reuters mentioning in an article that QAnon conspiracy theorists were, “speculating that Trump would be sworn into office on Mar. 4.”

Vox also contributed to the March 4th mania, with an article titled “QAnon believers think Trump will be inaugurated again on March 4“.

In said Vox article, it was once again parroted that there was some sort of violence being planned by the group on March 4th: 

“[S]ome are now looking to March 4 as the next big watershed moment for their movement — the date that they believe Trump will once again be inaugurated.”

“Domestic violent extremist groups have also latched on to the date as a potential opportunity to strike the US Capitol yet again. US Capitol Police said Wednesday that they had received an intelligence report about an unidentified militia group’s possible plot to break into the Capitol on March 4.”

One might ask just where exactly these supposed QAnon theories and potential threats are coming from. 

Well, in short, it appears they’re coming from various Telegram channels where various dates were discussed within comment sections about Trump magically returning to office. 

Business Insider detailed the most concise explanation of the March 4th hysteria in a recent article, writing the following about what was behind the conspiracy theory: 

“March 4, like several fruitless dates before it, was born of a convoluted political fantasy.”

“QAnon adherents borrowed from the obscure sovereign-citizen movement to suggest that Trump would return to power on March 4. Followers of that movement “believe that they get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization that tracks extremism.”

“The theory is rooted in a bizarre belief that all laws after the 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868, are illegitimate. Followers of the movement view the 20th Amendment, which moved Inauguration Day from March 4 to January 20, as invalid.”

“Proponents of this conspiracy theory insisted that Trump would restore a republic that has been out of action for over 150 years on that day.”

But at the end of the day, the entire thing slated for March 4th was nothing more than a perpetuated hoax – and media outlets seemed to have given the craziness more press than it was deserving of.

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LET Unity

Earlier in February, we at Law Enforcement Today shared an editorial related to a New York Times piece that was calling for some sort of truth commission that President Biden should establish. 

Here’s that previous editorial. 


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

NEW YORK, NY- People expected that Joe Biden would only be a shadow president and the real lunatics would be running the show.

However nobody in the farthest stretches of their imagination could have foreseen what we have been witness to in just three weeks of this four-year national nightmare.

Between a restoration of the Obama deep state in the person of people like John Kerry and Susan Rice to newly empowered leftist loons wanting to eviscerate free speech through truth and reconciliation commissions, nobody could have predicted what these people are doing.

As reported in Breitbart, one of the craziest suggestions came courtesy of the New York Times, which published an essay this week which carried a range of recommendations for the sleepy Joe administration, which would ostensibly repair the “reality crisis” and serve to “de-radicalize” citizens.

The author of the essay went so far as to suggest Biden set up a “reality czar” and “truth commission.”

George Orwell, are you listening? 

Not sure where all these czars were over the past four years, but in true communist fashion, they appear to be back in a big way under Biden.

For an example, see Kerry, dubbed Biden’s “climate change czar” as he jet sets around the world on his private jet, spreading his hot air and carbon footprint worldwide.

Kevin Roose, the technology columnist for the Times wrote the essay in which he suggests “millions of Americans” are embracing “hoaxes, lies and collective delusions,” then questioned how it is possible to unite a country where these millions “have chosen to create their own version of reality.”

Because, you see “uniting” means that Trump voters must assimilate to the “wizards of smart,” also known as the Democratic party. 

We aren’t sure what makes Roose think HIS version of reality is the truth. After all, as a Biden voter, he no doubt believes the “science” that there are in the neighborhood of 52 different genders.

He probably believes the “science” that says a four-year old boy can make the decision that he is in fact a little girl. He probably believes the “science” that males can compete on equal footing with females in sports.

Roose no doubt believes the “science” that ten years ago told us the climate was warming and now tells us the climate is cooling. He also no doubt believes the “science” of teenager Greta Thunberg, who says we only have 12 years to live.

Roose continued:

“I worry that unless the Biden administration treats conspiracy theories and disinformation as the urgent threats they are, our parallel universes will only drift further apart, and the potential for violent undress and civic dysfunction will only grow.”

Where was Roose last summer, where the conspiracy theory of systemic racism and cops hunting down black men and killing them in cold blood were used as a basis to torch American cities across the country?

Was he equally concerned about the “violent unrest” perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs?

What about the violent rhetoric from Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and James Clyburn?

Was he concerned about then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer standing outside the Supreme Court and threatening to “bring the whirlwind” against two sitting Supreme Court justices? 

Roose claims to have contacted several so-called “experts” in order to find what actions if any the Biden administration might take to “help fix our “truth-challenged information ecosystem,” or at least prevent it from getting worse.”

Those “experts” had some solutions that would put George Orwell’s “1984” to shame.

For example, John Donovan, a research director at Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, believes Biden’s administration should set up a “truth commission” led by people familiar with extremist factions, including knowledge of so-called “white supremacist” groups and “far right militias” behind the U.S. Capitol riot, to investigate that incident.

Donovan opined that such a commission undertake something “similar to the 9/11 Commission,” which looked at those attacks and made suggestions to help guard against future attacks.

Roose continues that he was also told by “experts” Biden should create a task force to “tackle disinformation and domestic extremism” and be led by “something like a ‘reality czar.’”

Maybe some of the basement-dwelling Twitter and Facebook “fact-checkers” area available to “tackle disinformation.” After all, who better to tackle “disinformation” than a bunch of basement dwelling, soy milk drinking video game playing jackwads? 

Roose, vying for the title of “Captain Obvious” acknowledges that the suggestions “sound[s] a little dystopian,” but suggests “hear[ing] them out.” “A little dystopian? How about something that Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Chairman Mao would be thrilled with? 

Now, the money shot. Roose suggested that this task force “hold recurring meetings with tech platforms.” Gee, what could possibly go wrong? Nobody knows censorship better than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google.

Roose said the task force could push the tech tyrants “for structural changes that could help those companies tackle their own extremism and misinformation problems.”

Roose clearly has his eyes focused on only one side of the “extremist” matrix.

While he worries about QAnon and right wing extremists, he conveniently avoids the extremism emanating from the left. In his narrow worldview, Roose only sees the right as a threat, not the left.

Roose suggests the “thought police” could work with social media companies to “share data about QAnon and other conspiracy theory communities with researchers and government agencies [emphasis added] without running afoul of privacy laws.”

This would be done by so-called “safe harbor” exemptions, he writes. In other words, try to work around the first amendment in order to spy on Americans’ social media.

He suggests the experts also recommend Biden’s administration attempt to gain access to the “inner workings of social media algorithms used to rank feeds and recommend content.”

In other words, they suggest that groupthink be used throughout the platforms and any “alternative reality” gets eliminated. You will get fed only the information they think you should be fed.

These “experts” also said that there is a need to “bring back the millions of already radicalized Americans,” whom Roose suggests are drawn to “extremist groups like the Proud Boys and conspiracy theories like QAnon not because they’re convinced by the facts but because the beliefs give them a sense of community or purpose or fills a void in their lives.”

In other words, they want to help you, don’t you see?

Another so-called expert, Micah Clark, a program director at London counter extremism firm Moonshot CVD said that people need “a kind of ‘social stimulus’—a series of federal programs to encourage people to get off their screens into community-based activities that could keep them engaged and occupied” in order to curb radicalization.”

Not sure how that would work in the age of COVID…maybe they need to consult with Dr. Anthony Fauci and do the opposite of what he says, since he’s been wrong on everything.

Clark also is looking for propaganda, er “de-escalation” ads, designed to target “high-risk potential violent extremists with empathetic messages about mental health and mindfulness.”

Not everyone was buying what Roose is selling. People are already concerned about language coming from the mainstream media, social media tech tyrants, and some Democrats, suggesting any narrative which doesn’t meet their definition of normal be virtually banned.

“The reality czar will tell you 2+2=5,” wrote Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon. “And ‘unity’ will demand that you agree with him.”

The Young America’s Foundation tweeted, “Looks like the Biden Administration is looking into creating a ‘reality czar.’” What could possibly go wrong?”

“Reality czar? Wait, which side is totalitarian again?” asked Chris Abraham, digital strategist and technologist.

“lol this NYT story pushing for a ‘reality czar” cites Renee DiResta, a director at New Knowledge which was caught planting fake Kremlin bots on a GOP candidate’s campaign, then getting the media to publish fake news about his ‘Kremlin ties,’” wrote Mark Ames, a podcast host.

“George Orwell: Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past,’” tweeted applied economics professor Steve Hanke.

Since the Capitol siege on January 6, Democrats have used it as an impetus to target 74 million supporters of President Trump as violent extremists.

Yet, these same Democrats were silent during the summer, as Biden voters laid siege to cities across the country, causing billions of dollars in damage, resulting in hundreds of law enforcement officers injured, and causing numerous deaths.

The idea of “deradicalizing” and “deprogramming” Trump supporters has been a cause celebre both after the November election as well as after the January 6 incident at the Capitol.

A recent video promoted by the radical left has asked for citizens to become so-called “cyber detectives” to monitor and report Trump supporters to law enforcement authorities for…something.

They have taken it so far as to call supporters of the former president “cult” members, with far-left magazine Vanity Fair publishing an article in January containing an interview with so-called “cult expert” Steven Hassan, who detailed how to “deprogram” Trump supporters.

He further argued for a “massive education” effort which would use schools, mental health professionals, law enforcement, media, politicians and intelligence agencies.

He also appeared on the Comedy News Network (CNN) last month, stating that “all of America needs deprogramming” due to the so-called negative influence of President Trump.

We would suggest the left are the ones in need of psychological help for their terminal case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

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