IRONY ALERT: Brian Stelter Accuses Fox News Of Going Full-Partisan To Boost Ratings

There is no more less self-aware ‘journalist’ on cable news today than CNN’s Brian Stelter, who honestly seems to believe he is a straight shooter when it comes to his role as a ‘media watchdog’ and ‘media analyst.’

Over the past several months, Stelter appears to have developed a fixation on top Fox News host Tucker Carlson, probably because Carlson shreds Stelter for his antics and hypocrisy on a regular basis.

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During an appearance with CNN’s Brianna Keilar, the two discussed how Fox News is becoming the ‘all conservative opinion’ channel, edging out the network’s straight news reporters (which is complete BS, as Fox vets Brett Baier, Bill Hemmer, and Sandra Smith, among others, would argue.

But what’s amazing is that Stelter, who is a left-wing hack, was having this discussion with Keilar, who is blatantly biased towards the left.

“In January, Fox had its worst ratings in two decades, and now it’s going even further off the anti-truth rails in an effort to remedy that. Fox is going full Tucker: more outrageousness, more opinion, and consider what that means,” Keilar said.

She went on to cite a court case where attorneys successfully defended Carlson in a defamation case by arguing that his show was “exaggeration and nonliteral commentary” — both of which are true, given that his isn’t a ‘hard news’ program but one in which he expresses his political opinions (like Keilar and Stelter do all the time).

“And yet still, what he dishes out is what a huge chunk of the country is consuming as if it’s the gospel. Clearly, Fox is, to quote Demi Lovato, ‘Sorry, not sorry,’” Keilar continued, bringing in Stelter.

“It is an anti-Democrat network. That’s the agenda,” Stelter said, arguing the opinion shows are driving the network’s audiences and ratings. “The opinion shows are what define Fox News. All of the newscasts have been shrinking and the audience for those news programs have been shrinking as well.”

He went on to say that increasingly Fox News is becoming Stelter the “Tucker Carlson Channel” and that he provides the “red meat” his viewers want (which is true — and that is the point of having a show, to attract and, more importantly, keep, as big an audience as possible).

Carlson has clearly done that: While Fox’s ratings did dip in January, they were still far better than those of any CNN program, straight news (there actually is no such thing at CNN) and opinion shows.

And frankly, that’s what is really driving Stelter’s angst: He could never draw the viewership numbers Carlson is drawing or, for that matter, any other Fox News host in primetime to include Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

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As for Fox overall, the network’s ratings took hits following the November election in which the network appeared to take a negative turn towards former President Donald Trump. Also, Fox is finally getting some competition — from Newsmax TV, mostly, but also from One American News and other streaming services like The First, featuring former Fox News primetime star Bill O’Reilly.

While MSNBC topped Fox in daytime numbers last month, Fox beat CNN handily and then destroyed the network in prime time.

And really, that’s what Stelter is PO’ed about.

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