Why Are Migrants Trying to Cross the Border Wearing Joe Biden T-shirts?

Joe Biden recently announced a plan to give amnesty to an undetermined number of illegal immigrants. It’s a plan that even members of his own party are calling a “recipe for disaster.” Not that they’re concerned about the country, mind you. Just their political careers. Critics of this and any other proposed amnesty bill say blank amnesty/”pathways to citizenship” just encourages illegal immigration. Rewarding people who have been breaking the law just encourages more people to break the law.

Photo ops like this of migrants trying to cross the border in “Joe Biden Let Us In” T-shirts won’t help matters. From the Dailly Wire:

A large number of migrants were photographed near California at the U.S.-Mexico border wearing Biden t-shirts that asked that they be let into the U.S. The photographs were taken on Tuesday on the Mexican side of the border at the San Ysidro crossing port in Tijuana, Baja California state.

Have you seen immigration protests where there are more flags from other countries than there are American flags? This is this hopped up on illegal narcotics. Someone thought the one thing an already continuous debate needed was pre-printed T-shirts that make conservatives’ arguments for us. We say amnesty just encourages more illegal immigration. Some even feel this is what Democrats cynically want. In response, just the proposal of more amnesty is not only sending more migrants to the border, they’re advertising the guy inviting them. Which, if we’re to believe people are crossing the border for poverty reasons, who bought all the T-shirts? Silkscreening isn’t cheap.

Ranchers affected by Biden’s extreme plans are speaking out. A federal judge has ruled against some of Biden’s other plans. Mass amnesty is the next thing to push back on. And if this photo op was concocted by an activist or activist group who thinks it helps their cause, LOL at that.

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