Dan Crenshaw Shreds Democrats’ Election ‘Reform’ Bill in Blistering House Floor Speech

Let’s start with the disclaimer for the “fact” checkers: I believe Joe Biden is president and don’t believe the election was stolen. M’kay, Facebook? Also, for those of you who may not know, we’re suing Facebook.

2020 left Americans with distrust in our election process. The debate about voting integrity vs. voting access is nothing new. Conservatives generally believe there have to be safeguards in place to ensure a fair election and trust in the process. Liberals generally believe any safeguard is akin to voter suppression and/or raaaaaacist. Now that Democrats are in power, they have their ironically titled “For the People Act.” Critics say this bill will codify all the things that made the 2020 election chaotic and caused a lack of faith in a fair ballot count. One of those critics is Dan Crenshaw.

Dan Crenshaw RIPS Democrats in speech on the House floor


This bill makes elections less trustworthy, not more, and trust is everything when people can see the faults in the process, whether it’s ballots at the wrong house or careless verification processes. They believe people are cheating.

You can’t just dismiss that; we have to fix it.

I usually love when Crenshaw goes boom on the House floor. But we went over this, dude. It’s can’t be the mask AND the eyepatch. Choose one or the other, Major Bludd.

That detour in Pettyville aside, Crenshaw points out that this bill doesn’t fix issues. It actually makes them worse. Examples:

  • Ballot harvesting, which he feels creates a serious chain-of-custody issues.
  • Universal mail-in voting without safeguards, which Crenshaw believes creates the kind of chaos where your ballot ends up in somebody else’s hands.
  • Forcing states to disregard their own voter ID laws and use sworn statements instead of an ID.

A lot of Americans have lost faith in the system. That’s not a fact you can deplatform or throttle away on social media, try as Big Tech and the media might. Not only do Democrats refuse to hear any argument about voter integrity, but they also want to double down on all the things that called it into question. The “For the People” Act isn’t for the people at all. It’s only for Democrats to consolidate power and eliminate the ability of anyone to question anything.

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