Watch: Police Shootout Interrupts Live News Broadcast

A live news broadcast was interrupted when a gun battle broke out nearby between San Diego Police and a suspect on Monday.

Fox 5 reporter Jeff McAdam was in the middle of coverage pertaining to Comic-Con 2021 when shots rang out behind him.

Officers had reportedly pulled over a driver near the San Diego Convention Center when a shootout erupted on the busy downtown street.

“FOX 5’s crew had observed police attempt to pull a slow-moving car over in front of the venue before the vehicle came to a stop. Investigators said the driver ran a red light and appeared impaired,” Fox 5 reports.

“The suspect was later seen sitting on the ground handcuffed and talking with police. He was shown walking to a police vehicle with officers.”

A cameraman filming McAdam captured the harrowing incident as a man crouched in front of a vehicle and exchanged gunfire with law enforcement.

“There’s something going on in the distance. I think we have an officer-involver shooting,” McAdam can be heard saying as he breaks off mid-report.

At least a dozen rounds were fired during the exchange, but miraculously, no one was shot.

Incredibly, an eyeglasses case sitting in one bystander’s pocket spared him from being directly struck by a bullet, police say.

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Author: Dan Lyman

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