AOC Has Her Panties in a Bunch Over a Robot Police Dog. Seriously.

Dogs are better than people. Yes, even robot dogs. Meet “Digidog,” the new member of the NYPD. The 70-pound cyber canine is on the job to save lives and protect police officers. So of course, Congresswoman AOC would have a problem with it. First, let’s see Digidog in action. He’s a very good boy, responding to a call for a home invasion.

NYPD Robo-Dog “Digidog” Deployed in NYC

Each Digidog costs around $75,000. This is where our favorite silliest congresswoman comes in. Rep. AOC is upset the police even had $75,000 dollars in the first place. She wanted it.

Shout out to everyone who fought against community advocates who demanded these resources go to investments like school counseling instead. Now robotic surveillance ground drones are being deployed for testing on low-income communities of color with under-resourced schools.

Ah, “deployed for testing” in “communities of color.” In other words, Digidog is raaaaaaaaaaacist. Or, the people who bought and made Digidog are. I need an independent “fact” checker to weigh in, but I’m pretty sure computers don’t see race. Also, I seem to recall Rep. AOC having a nutty because cutting a billion dollars out of the NYPD budget wasn’t enough. When you cut human workers, they usually get replaced by machines. Digidog could be the “Defund the Police” version of kiosks replacing McDonald’s employees after a minimum wage hike. Which Rep. AOC is also a stan for.

And “drones”? She makes it sound like Digidog is going to start carpet-bombing the Boogiedown like it’s the Middle East and President Obama has the controls. Digidog is covered in cameras, lights, and sirens. No mention of firearms. Whether AOC knows that and is employing the politics of fear OR honestly thinks the robot pooch is just gonna start killing people, that’s open to reader interpretation.

It sounds like it’s a robot that goes into a potentially lethal situation — unarmed — allowing police to see what’s inside WITHOUT flashbangs and chaos. We have bomb-sniffing robots for the same reason. “Robot” is used in the electronics sense. Not in the Rep. AOC has seen too many bad sci-fi movies sense. This cyberpooch sounds like the modern version of that and should help save lives all around.

That’s a good bot, Digidog. That’s a very good bot.

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