Judge sends child to live with allegedly abusive dad: ‘You’re going to force me to go with a child molester’

ST. LOUIS, MO- A family court judge was recorded on a smartphone coercing a 14-year-old girl to return to the man she says has sexually molested her.

The recording has since been posted on YouTube by investigative journalist Michael Volpe and in it the minor child is heard begging the judge to not send her to live with the man she says is a child molester.

The audio, although difficult to hear, shows the minor child in distress and begging the adults around her to take her concerns seriously. In return, the judge, Nicole Zellweger, tried to coerce the daughter to comply, even threatening to jail her mother for contempt.

In the recording, Zellweger can be heard telling the minor child that her mother, Angela Freiner’s freedom was at stake if the child did not cooperate. Zellweger said:

“She has free will, but her free will can end up putting her in jail.”

The young child, clearly in distress, responds by saying:

“I don’t want to live with him.”

The judge, cold-heartedly replied by saying:

“When your mom is taken to jail you will have no other parent to live with but dad. I understand you’re not happy with the court’s judgement.”

The child continued to refuse to consent and the judge continued to threaten to arrest her mother. Zellweger said:

“We can do it the easy way or we can do it the hard way.”

The minor said:

“I still don’t understand. I told you that he was touching me and you’re still going to make me go with him?”

Zellweger proceeded to interrupt the young child’s plea and said.”

“There’s no evidence.”

The child said while sobbing:

“That’s what I’m telling you. I have a personal experience. You don’t understand, you’re just going to force me to go with a child molester.”

At that point, a male voice jumped in and scolded the child to be quiet with a loud “No!” and the minor fell silent while the judge repeated to the young girl that her story does not matter in the eyes of the court because Zellweger did not “hear” any evidence of the molestation.

However, if only the child and the abuser were there at the time of the molestation, what evidence would there be, other than the child’s word? The judge blatantly ignored the evidence that the young child was giving her.

The young child reported the alleged abuse to her school counselor and Child Protective Services in Montana (where she lived with her father) and a report was filed, but the allegations fell on deaf ears.

When the young girl went to visit her mother for Christmas, she disclosed the allegation and refused to go back. In spite of the allegation of abuse the child made in Montana and in her own courtroom, Zellweger still ruled to send her to live with the father full-time.

Court documents reveal that the minor was candid with her experience while in court. According to reports:

“As planned, the GAL (guardian at-litem) conducted examination of the Child in camera. The Child expressed her wishes to remain with Petitioner during the school year.

The child expressed her view that Respondent does not listen to her feelings and makes her feel insecure at times. She further testified that she feels manipulated at times by Respondent. She testified that she is more ‘comfortable’ with Petitioner.”

The court documents also reveal that the father has a criminal record and is on probation for domestic abuse. The documents said:

“Petitioner and the GAL asked questions of Respondent about his past/current criminal convictions.

Respondent testified that he is on probation until July 2021 for for disorderly conduct related to a domestic/family dispute that involved his wife and step-daughter.”

It added:

“Respondent testified that he has a temper and that there have been arguments at his house, although he testified that things have improved and he is working on this issue.

These facts trouble the Court greatly, but the Court finds Respondent credible in his testimony that he is working on his anger issues.”

Despite the testimony that the father has anger issues that led to arrest and conviction, Zellweger ordered the minor into the custody 0f her father over the custody over her mother, who failed a marijuana test.

Court documents also revealed that the father took the minor child to the home of his father, a level-three sex offender who had been convicted of “rape/fear, force, and sexual battery” and stayed several nights at his house.

Sources that were in the courtroom told PJ Media that in response to the child’s heartfelt please to stay with her mother, Zellweger made good on her threat to arrest Freiner. She was held in criminal contempt and jailed for two days. 

The sources also told PJ Media that Zellweger called the county juvenile detention and had the child committed to the behavioral center at Children’s Hospital of St. Louis in retaliation for the refusal to obey.

Upon her arrival at the children’s hospital, the child immediately informed the doctors that she experienced sexual abuse. Doctors are mandated reporters and that disclosure itself should have triggered a call to the St. Louis County abuse hotline.

Assuming the doctors did their job, Zellweger now has two reports on her desk saying that the man she has ordered to have physical custody of the minor should be investigated for child sexual abuse. 

Reportedly, when the secret court audio recording was posted to YouTube, Zellweger issued a sweeping rebuke of the mother and convened an emergency hearing to order the mother to remove all postings from the internet.

She is threatening the mother with six months in jail if she does not have members of the media delete the video from the internet. However, Freiner does not have control over members of the media who are doing their jobs and reporting on judicial overreach to the public.

In the order, Zellweger wrote:

“The Court also intends to enter an Order requiring that the parties/counsels remove any and all recordings previously posted on the internet, obtain all recordings disseminated to third parties, and turn over to the Court all originals and copies of all Court proceedings that were recorded by the parties or in the possession of the parties no later than March 3, 2021.”
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Cop killer out on parole finally sentenced to life in prison after threatening judge, family

January 23rd, 2021

CHICAGO, IL- You really have to wonder about the criminal justice system when someone like David Walsh is continually allowed to roam the streets. Finally, Walsh will spend the rest of his useless life behind bars, receiving a life sentence last week for an armed robbery committed only weeks after he had been released on parole.

Walsh, 74, had been sentenced previously for the 1968 murder of a Chicago police detective, Young Hobson, according to WFLD, given a term of 20-40 years in prison.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP), Hobson was off-duty when he noticed a man, identified as Walsh with a handgun in his waistband while inside a tavern in South Halstead on May 3, 1968.

Hobson approached Walsh in order to determine if he was carrying legally when Walsh pulled the gun and shot Hobson five times in the chest. Hobson, who was 40 and a veteran of the U.S. Army died from his wounds, the Chicago-Sun Times reported.

But typical for the criminal justice system, Walsh only served 15 years of the sentence and was paroled in 1983, however crime was his life and he soon found himself in further trouble.

Walsh was arrested numerous times after he was released, and in July 1984 just weeks after once again being released on parole, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident while holding a .38 caliber revolver in his hand, the Times reported.

Officers also found a loaded, sawed-off shotgun and loaded Uzi submachine gun in the wrecked vehicle. That’s not all. He also had “disguises of all sorts,” restraints, ski masks and bulletproof vests in the vehicle.

Just three years later, Walsh was arrested for armed robbery of a restaurant in 1987, using a replica of an antique gun. A prosecutor, who had years before asked for Walsh to be “securely locked up forever” had also said that “Each time this thug was released, his acts became more sinister and sophisticated.”

“An examination of his prison record will convince you that you have your hands full,” the prosecutor wrote to the judge at the time.

“He has stabbed an inmate, possessed numerous shanks, thrown scalding water, been caught with escape plans and maps, pills, and has threatened guards and even parole officers and counselors.”

Despite all of that and being sentenced to 60 years in prison, Walsh was paroled in October 2017, even though he had behaved poorly while incarcerated and had pending charges for obstruction of justice, the Sun-Times said.

Finally, this past week Walsh was sentenced to life in prison for bank robbery and other crimes, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The impetus for the lengthy sentence? A lengthy, profane outburst last fall in which Walsh threatened to kill U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman and his family after Feinerman had initially said he would be sentencing Walsh to 13 years in prison.

“Because you’re a filthy stinking pig, you motherfu**er, and I’d blow your fu**ing brains out, you pig, but I would kill your entire fu**ing family and torture and murder each and every fu**ing one of them, you filthy, motherfu**ing lying pig mother fu**er you!”

Sounds like a delightful man.

That was only part of the diatribe, according to the court transcript. Walsh also downplayed the murder of the Chicago detective, saying it was something that “happened over 50 years ago, man. That was another century.”

Feinerman ended the hearing after Walsh’s outburst and continued the sentence to this past week, where he rendered the life imprisonment sentence.

Walsh’s defense attorney, Patrick Boyle declined to comment other than to say that Walsh planned to appeal his life sentence.

In a court memo, U.S. Attorney Brian Kerwin related the details of Walsh’s murder of Hobson and noted that some 50 customers inside the tavern ducked for cover as Hobson was being shot.

Phil Cline, executive director of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation called it “a vicious murder” and said he was “shocked that back in (1968), they only gave that sentence for the murder of a police officer.”

In his latest arrest case, Walsh walked into a U.S. Bank branch on July 14, 2018 wearing a clear plastic mask, Kerwin wrote. The ordered tellers to give him “100s, 50s, 20s,” court documents said. When they hesitated, Walsh pulled a .357 magnum handgun and said, “I’m not playing.” Tellers gave him $3,700.

Last February, Walsh pleaded guilty to robber according to court records. He was arrested on July 24, 2018 by federal authorities. In that incident, Walsh tried to recruit an accomplice, who contacted the FBI and agreed to wear a wire, court records showed.

Walsh was identified partially because he had used a Ventra card registered in his name to take the “L” to an area near the bank, according to the complaint written against him. Ventra cards are used to gain access to the Chicago Transit Authority.

A career dirtbag like Walsh needs to spend the last years of his miserable life behind bars. He’s clearly a threat to the public. Finally a judge was smart enough to keep him where he clearly belongs.

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The release of violent criminals from jail seems to be a pathogen that is plaguing our country. We have reported numerous times of people who are released from jail, only to offend again. For more on that, we invite you to:


Violent repeat offender commits savage assault hours after being granted conditional release in Seattle

SEATTLE, WA – A repeat offender with a history of violence was released from King County Jail following an assault charge, only to commit another assault hours later leaving that victim in intensive care.

Ardalla Jama, 29, was arrested Friday night for attacking a security guard at City Hall Park. The security guard reported to Seattle Police that Jama had attempted to punch him, and then head-butted the guard as he attempted to restrain him.

City Hall Park is known for tents that have popped up housing homeless people and protesters. The city has struggled to deal with the tents, which residents have called a safety and health risk.

Jama was taken into custody on an assault charge and lodged in the King County Jail. Hours later, he was granted conditional release. He was booked into the jail on December 26 at 12:46 a.m.. according to prison records, and released only hours later at 3:44 p.m.

Just hours later and a few blocks away from the prison, Jama attacked another man. Police said Jama knocked the man to the ground and then began kicking him in the head. Witnesses told police Jama continued kicking the victim even after the man lost consciousness.

The victim’s identity has not been released and his condition is unknown at this time. However, police have said the victim suffered serious head and facial injuries.

Jail records indicate that Jama was re-booked into the King County Jail on December 27 at 3:34 a.m., just under 12 hours after being released for the first assault. This time he was lodged without bail.

Casey McNerthney, a spokesperson for the King County Attorney’s Office, called the series of events concerning:

“We had the one from City Hall Park. The one from the previous day was a case that wasn’t referred to us and that’s why we didn’t act on it. Quite simply it didn’t come to us.

“It’s very concerning. We work right by there. We see a lot of concerning behavior out of that park and when we get cases referred to us we act on it.”

King County Jail records show that Jama has been arrested and lodged in the facility five times this year. In addition to the two bookings above:

  • On January 13, 2020, Jama was booked on charges of malicious mischief, property destruction, and use of a weapon. He served one month in the facility.
  • On October 13, 2020, Jama was booked on charges of assault involving a weapon and served two weeks after the charge was reduced.
  • On November 29, 2020, Jama was booked on the charge of malicious mischief. He was released three days later.

Media reports indicate Jama was also arrested for felony harassment in 2017 but was found incompetent to stand trial.

King County has been under pressure to reduce jail populations amid concerns over COVID-19.  Public Health Seattle-King County has recommended one inmate per cell instead of two to allow for social distancing.

In March, King County Executive Dow Constantine said the county was working with prosecutors and public defenders to stop booking lesser offenders who did not use violence or present a danger to the public.

At the time, Constantine said:

“We will be extremely careful, the prosecutor, the judge, everyone will be very careful to separate the wheat from the chaff, and only release those they feel are not a significant danger.

“The key here is to reduce harm and maintain public safety and it is a difficult balancing act.”

The reduction policy in King County is being repeated across the state during the pandemic. Gov. Jay Inslee announced on April 13, that Washington state would commute the sentences of up to 950 incarcerated people who were part of “vulnerable populations.”

Also, the Washington Supreme Court ordered the Governor and the Washington Department of Corrections to “immediately exercise their authority to take all necessary steps to protect the health and safety” of inmates during the pandemic.

Nationally, over 170,000 prisoners have been released early in response to COVID-19, according to a report by Reuters published in October. Local and state prisons are housing 11% fewer inmates since the pandemic began.

It is not known if the steps being taken to reduce the population in the jail contributed to the release of Jama prior to the second attack.

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