Grocery Store Demands Woman Wear Mask, So She Drops Her Panties and Wears Them on Her Face

This takes place in South Africa, so the CDC guidelines on mask-wearing are not applicable. While I may not know what rules the country must abide by, I do know that this woman is my new shero. We’ve all been there. Even though it’s going on a year since fifteen days to flatten the curve, sometimes you forget your mask. Or, you haven’t put it on yet before obnoxious people start shaming you. In this woman’s case, she did all of her shopping maskless and left alone. Until she tried to check out and a sales clerk caught her. Instead of letting the woman pay for her goods and go about her day, she was asked to leave unless her nose and mouth were covered.

This woman did what anyone else would do in this situation. DROP. YO. PANTIES!

BREAKING: Woman Uses G-String As A Mask At A Store

Consider both her mouth and nose covered!

The best part isn’t the woman with her britches on her head. It’s the customer behind this civil disobedience’ing rebel cheering her on.

Well, personally, I find it acceptable: It is a mask. And quite frankly, I think the bacteria on your knickers is less than on the mask. Well done to you. Brilliant, woman!

The material on most underpants is of a higher quality than those flimsy paper masks. Even if you wear two or three masks, as some easily scared people have been doing. From a material standpoint, three paper masks won’t protect you as well as one pair of cotton skivvies. The ability to breathe is questionable, but you’ll be safe from corona! This woman was being extra cautious while also proving a point.

Outlaw, I salute you!

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