White Women Sing About How Racist White People Are on TikTok

I try not to hate TikTok as much as my peers do. It can be a source of great amusement. Like the great MAGA Bro vs. Leftist Banshee battle of 2020. Or this dude, dunking on Chris Cuomo while eating ramen. It can be a tool used for good. But what is usually the case is we’re reminded why Donald Trump was right to ban it in the first place. The new Twitter trend seems to be white women singing about how racist white women are. They must have grown tired of being blamed for electing people the left disapproves of. This is them making amends.

I also don’t know if “two” makes a trend. But I saw these videos being shared on Twitter. To see if it’s an actual TikTok “trend” requires me to spend more time on TikTok, and I would rather the Chinese not spy on me. Allegedly. This first woman looks like she is singing in what could be a classroom. Allegedly.

This other dame was kind enough to include subtitles:

If you want to know how corporations get away with telling white people to be less white or schools get away with sending homework assignments home accusing parents of racism, here you go. It starts with Becky and Other Becky. I’m not offended by their racism as much as I am by their lazy writing. Nursery rhymes? Really? if you want to drive home how much you think white people suck at life, do a parody of offensively white artists. Take a Hoobastank song, but make The Reason into a song about whiteness. Cover Nickelback. Reimagine something by Ryan Cabrera. If you’re going to shamelessly pander to other white leftists, put some effort into it.

Because I can almost guarantee, any African-Americans hearing these two banshee sing are laughing at them as much as we are.

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