Some Major Clues Have Emerged About the Future of Rush Limbaugh’s Show

Conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh died last week at the age of 70 after a battle with lung cancer.

Soon after the tragic news, several of the most influential names in conservative media mourned the loss of Limbaugh and noted how he, in some way, helped give them their start in talk radio.

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Now, many are wondering what might happen next with his popular radio show.

Thomas LaDuke, a contributor to Red State who also hosts a radio show, published a piece where he made some very striking comments about the future of Limbaugh’s program.

While [guest host] Mark Steyn always does a fantastic job, he was playing some of Rush’s greatest hits and speaking with emotional fans…i got choked up all over again.

I don’t know what will happen with those three hours moving forward but, hearing Rush explain how his show got the Pretenders song, and how Chrissie Hynde was all for it out of respect for her father who was a Dittohead.

I always wondered how it happened.

And another:

Apparently, his show will remain on the air for now using archived clips and a rotation of guest hosts.

Now, here’s the next clue.

Limbaugh’s widow, Kathryn, hosted the show on Monday alongside guest host Mark Steyn. But she also took calls from listeners and stayed on-air for over two hours.

Red State has more:

During those two hours, audio clips of Rush were interwoven around the listeners’ comments and questions (and Kathryn’s replies). One clip included Rush talking about “Rush Revere,” then a new series of children’s books about American history he and his wife created and have shared.

There was also audio from shortly after he and Kathryn wed, in which Rush explained to an audience, which had grown more akin to family members than fans, why he’d kept the relationship so close to the vest. (He was a deeply private person and wanted to stay that way, he said.)

Throughout the show Monday, Steyn confirmed that the program “isn’t going anywhere” for the foreseeable future, and would be keeping this evolving format that includes Rush’s voice.

So what does it mean?

Maybe Kathryn will take over the show or be part of it going forward.

Maybe Kathryn will have guest hosts moving forward and they will continue talking about the dire issues facing this nation.

Limbaugh has millions of dedicated listeners and callers. You don’t just walk away from that or let someone random take it over.

Limbaugh created a model that worked so well because it gave callers the power and influence to voice their opinions and have real discussions on critical topics.

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So, who knows what happens next. But it may seem as if Kathryn could — assuming she wants to — play a big role in helping with the show and carrying on the torch that Rush carried for so many years.

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