Dan Crenshaw Wrecks Biden’s COVID ‘Relief’ Bill He Claims Doesn’t Actually Provide Relief

House Democrats have released a $1.9 TRILLION spending bill they are calling “COVID Relief.” We’ve seen this movie before. Democrats name a massive spending bill something they claim most Americans support. Then they load it up with lots of stuff most Americans don’t. SPOILER: This “relief” bill isn’t $1.9T of $1,400 stimulus checks. As Dan Crenshaw points out, most of it goes to Democrat special interest groups. Also, a lot of the money for immediate COVID “relief” is money that doesn’t get spent until 2022. Also, we still (allegedly) haven’t spend hundreds of billions of dollars from the last COVID “relief” passed in November.

Here. I’ll let Crenshaw explain.

Dan Crenshaw SLAMS Biden relief proposal


I say this to my colleagues who seem to believe that the size of their heart is co-related to how much taxpayer money they’re willing to spend. This is not how you help. … Americans don’t want handouts. They want a vaccine and they want their businesses open. They want their kids back in school because they know it’s safe despite what the teachers’ unions are saying. And they don’t want to be told to wear three masks after they get a vaccine.

First, I gotta take a pit stop in Pettyville. And I like Crenshaw a lot, but he has to realize how ridiculous he looks wearing a mask AND an eye patch. Put a helmet on him and he would look like Major Blood from G.I. Joe. Also, him constantly touching it wasn’t very sciencey according to the CDC guidelines. At least go without the eyepatch for the speech. We’ve seen him with designer marbles in his eye. He can wear one that says, “This marble is as useless as the speaker of the House.”

The words he said, though, were spot-on, and words that all Americans need to hear. Which explains why the media would rather focus on freshman congresswomen from districts most of you will never visit. If the bill gets mentioned, it won’t be because of what’s in it. It’ll be because of the “partisan way” Republicans are standing in unison against it. And how they don’t want to “help the middle class” with “relief” so many “immediately” need. Again, we’ve seen this movie before. It’s the one where Democrats exploit a crisis for their political agenda.

Whether or not this has been the plan all along with this particular crisis, that’s for YOU to decide. But we are coming up on the one-year anniversary of “fifteen days to flatten the curve.” Feel free to draw whatever conclusion you deem fit.

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