RADICALS: New California COVID Relief Bill Will Send Checks To Illegal Immigrants

California’s Democratic supermajority is once again paying off illegal aliens in the latest bid to increase their party’s stranglehold on the Golden State, almost guaranteeing its further decline.

The latest: Giving away taxpayer dollars to illegals under the guise of “COVID relief.”

“The $7.6 billion proposal, spearheaded by Gov. Gavin Newsom, includes 5.7 million payments of $600 each to low-income Californians making less than $30,000 a year and $2.1 billion in grants for small businesses,” the Washington Examiner reported. “Of the massive sum of checks, 565,000 payments will be delivered to people who did not receive the federal government’s previous $1,200 stimulus check in the Golden State, many of whom are residing in the country illegally.”

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Roughly 405,000 more payments will be sent to participants in the state’s welfare program, CalWORKS, via the use of EBT cards, while 15,000 checks are slated to go into the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants.

And of course, Newsom’s going to sign that legislation on Tuesday, he made clear.

“This budget is going to be creating long-term obligations to the undocumented,” explained Republican State Sen. Jim Nielsen, who railed against Democratic colleagues during a debate about the legislation.


“I think it’s a great step forward. It’s an acknowledgment of all these low-wage workers … that they are working hard, and they have been disproportionately impacted through unemployment,” Democratic state Sen. Maria Elena Durazo said. “I think there is room to include more who are still not covered either by our state or by the federal [programs].”

Yes, not that the paychecks they were already earning that they agreed to accept from their employers wasn’t already an ‘acknowledgment…that they are working hard.’

Of course, there are always left-wing immigration ‘advocates’ who say no matter how much taxpayer money goes to illegal immigrants, it’s never enough.

“This doesn’t cover all of the relief they have been excluded from, and we are creating inequality as a result,” California Immigrant Policy Center manager Sasha Feldstein said, according to the Washington Examiner.

Newsom no doubt had ulterior motives; he’s facing a recall effort so there’s nothing better for him than appearing to be ‘more compassionate’ to those ‘who have less’ — using other people’s money.

“As we continue to fight the pandemic and recover, I’m grateful for the Legislature’s partnership to provide urgent relief and support for California families and small businesses where it’s needed most,” Newsom said in a statement.

“From child care, relief for small business owners, direct cash support to individuals, financial aid for community college students and more, these actions are critical for millions of Californians who embody the resilience of the California spirit.”

Meanwhile, California cities are dying and residents are fleeing — taking their tax dollars with them.

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“I never wanted to leave California. It’s the most beautiful state with the best climate. I think the tipping point was continued tax increases and even more proposed tax increases. … I have absolutely no regrets,” Scott Fuller, a California resident since 1983, told the San Diego Union-Tribune in December.

“California’s historically strong population growth has ground to a near halt, new data show, as far more people moved to other states than moved here from elsewhere in the United States,” the Sacramento Bee reported the same month.

Gee. Wonder why.

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