PROOF: We Went to Fake Voter Addresses!

You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to believe voter fraud exists. We know it does. Crime is everywhere, and to assume it doesn’t happen in voting is naive. The question is how widespread and how blatant is the crime of voter fraud being committed? In November and December of 2020, a lot of questions about Dominion software and ballot counting were asked. Okay. We’ve also always talked about voter ID laws and how maybe, just maybe, you should present an ID to vote. To maybe, possibly stem some of the crime we know takes place. Okay. Well then we wondered about addresses. Look at what we found.

PROOF: We Went to Fake Voter Addresses! | Louder With Crowder

We don’t need Dominion to prove voter fraud occurred. These people voted from addresses that do not exist. According to the photos and video taken. Yet this is likely the first you’re seeing they didn’t exist. Maybe you knew all along nefarious things were afoot. Fine. We’ve known forever that dead people tend to vote Democrat. Okay. But, to pardon Steven’s common parlance “here’s the thing.” WHY were fake addresses like this never brought up in court and presented as evidence that voter fraud existed? You saw how easy it was for us to obtain these addresses and go visit them. So… why was this the first you’re seeing of it?

Oh but, you say, these are just a handful of addresses! Yes, you’re right. LWC only went to a handful to verify. You know, due to time constraints and we’re not journalists or attorneys trying to make an important case. Details, schmetails. But there were thousands of questionable addresses we couldn’t verify due to the daunting task of verifying them. But wouldn’t you think that legal teams dedicated to proving voter fraud was real might have, I dunno… tried?

Oh, but what if people used empty property as their voting addresses?! That’s still illegal. Nevada law states that the address you register to vote has to be your main residence. Once defined in court as “the place when you go to your family or pets at night.” In other words, not an overpass.

But wait, there’s more. In Nevada, 223k ballots went to undeliverable addresses in June of 2020. And yet look how many people voted from addresses that are supposedly not able to take delivery. Think about it. Let it percolate.

Listen, all were saying is look how easy it was to “uncover” what appears to be voter fraud. Couple this with dead people voting and multiply it out. Still don’t think it’s a problem? And why oh why was this kind of fraud never discussed by Trump’s attorneys? IF WE COULD FIND IT, why didn’t professionals bring it up?

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff

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