China pressing Biden to drop Trump policies; CCP reveals casualties in border clash with India

Beijing tells US President Biden about so-called ‘red lines’ he shouldn’t cross. This comes after Biden’s latest remarks on China.

Beijing finally disclosed casualty numbers from a border clash with India last year. The data comes alongside a new wave of patriotic propaganda, and more suppression of internet users questioning the figure.

The CCP virus may have spread months before China started reporting cases. That’s based on new evidence from the World Health Organization

A former White House official says the CCP virus likely originated in a Chinese lab, and leaked by accident.

And Beijing says it wants to revive traditional culture. But scholars are raising concerns about what could be its ulterior motive.

00:00 Intro
00:51 Beijing pressing Biden to drop Trump policies
03:37 HK’s election system may face major reform
04:23 UK: HK no longer an international financial center
05:24 CCP reveals India-China border clash casualties
07:48 Virus spread before 1st reported case: W.H.O.
09:17 Fmr WH security adviser: CCP virus is man-made
10:57 Imports unlikely to have caused outbreak: W.H.O.
11:53 Hospitals transfer seriously ill patients at night
13:21 UK challenges China over Xinjiang abuses
13:59 Chinese broadcaster applies for license in France
15:15 Expert: Beijing’s shift toward traditional culture

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China pressing Biden to drop Trump policies; CCP reveals casualties in border clash with India
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