Five Ways Democrats Plan to Spend Taxpayer Money in COVID ‘Relief’ Plan

Democrats have been promising “help is on the way” in the way of COVID relief. Since before Nancy Pelosi held it hostage to hurt Joe Biden’s predecessor. Now that Democrats are going to get credit for it, help is allegedly on the way. Taxpayers have been struggling since the government shut things down. The government will now give taxpayers some of their money back and call it “help.” Jen Psaki claims 75% of Americans support the “components of the package.” I’d argue 75% of Americans think that means $1,400 stimulus checks. That’s never the case with stimulus bills. Nor does it appear to be the case with this one.

For example, while students are struggling with remote learning and parents are struggling to homeschool, the people (allegedly) causing the struggle are getting $128.5 billion. In theory, all of that money is supposed to go to “reopening” schools. If you believe that, you may have gone to a state-run public school. This is the equivalent of 917,857 $1,400 stimulus checks that could have been going to struggling families.

Here’s 535,714 worth of stimulus checks going overseas.

214,285 families could get additional help for what we’re giving to the World Organization of Animal Health.

The usual suspects are preventing 342,857 from getting the extra aid they desperately need.

And my personal favorite. 714,285 families won’t be getting extra aid so the government can tell us how dope vaccines are.

To be clear, I don’t claim to be a math guy. I’m just sitting here with a calculator dividing billions of dollars by 1,400. That makes over 2.7 million families that could be getting the extra help they need. Extra help they need after the government has prevented them from going to work, prevented them from going to school, and otherwise caused them to struggle. The last time there was a stimulus bill, my Facebook feed was full of apolitical people looking at where the “aid” money was going and comparing it to the “aid” money they got. The fact that it was their money and the government was just giving it back to them only added to the outrage.

So when Democrats say that 75% of Americans support the components of the bill, I have a hard time believing they’re talking about any of this. And these are just five examples.

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