Gina Carano Breaks Silence, Gives Her Side of Disney Firing in Full Detail

By now we’ve heard from everyone about Gina Carano’s cancellation other than Gina Carano. The actress sat down with notorious tumbler merchant Ben Shapiro to give her side of the story. She walks through EVERYTHING. What happened? How it feels to be on the wrong side of the outrage mob? LucasFilm employees were more outraged than members of the LGBTQ community? There is a lot to unpack. Pour yourself some coffee and let Gina explain.

Gina Carano | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 111

Just a couple of weeks ago, Lucasfilm asked an artist that they employ to erase my character and put a different character in place, and he proudly announces this on Twitter, and erases my character and puts another character in place.

How I found out was that I looked on the internet…

I know there were some people who went to bat for me, but I know that they didn’t win out at the end.

i can’t stress this enough. Gina Carano throwing it back in Disney’s leftist, CCP loving faces is the most important “culture war” development in some time. It’s clear you can’t openly be to the right of Karl Marx and still be successful in Hollywood. You CAN however have the freedom to do so if you’re taking control of your own career. Making your own movies. Working with other right-leaning people willing to put money where mouths are.

And knowing there is an audience out there who will have your back if you do. We need to make sure we’re that audience.

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