Health Inspector Caught Dancing After WRONGLY Shutting Down Brewery Over Lockdown Restrictions

People who work in Los Angeles government don’t seem very good at their jobs. This seems evident during this, our time of the corona. We’ve seen them admit that some lockdown restrictions aren’t based in science. At least one person thinks you’re a domestic terrorist for not wearing a mask. Also, Hollywood movie studios allegedly get special treatment over struggling small business owners. Small businesses are struggling. The people causing them to struggle don’t always seem to care.

A health inspector went to shut down a brewery on Super Bowl Sunday. Repeat, shutting down a BREWERY on the day of the SUPER BOWL. You would think ruining a person’s business would be cause for the appropriate decorum. Instead, sometimes you gotta dance, dance, dance.

Look, I get it. Sometimes when your jam comes on you can’t help yourself. I’m guilty of dancing in the produce aisle when the supermarket is bumpin’ that yacht rock. There is a world of difference between me shopping for Taco Tuesday and a health inspector shutting down a small business on what should be its busiest day of the year. Especially over a technicality. Extra especially when, as it turns out, it was a mistake to shut them down.

To make matters worse, the inspector turned out to be wrong and Bravery Brewery was not in violation of any county codes.

Because the brewery was only pouring draft beer to go, they did not need a food truck to operate.

According to [the owner], the inspector later admitted that there had been a mistake and that business there could resume.

Let’s keep our outrage dials set to an appropriate level. I don’t think the inspector was dancing to be smug or spiteful. She isn’t the Chicago Teachers’ Union. She most likely, momentarily, forgot where she was and why she was there. Sure, it looks bad to see someone dancing after another small business may have just seen their quarter earnings ruined. Not only ruined but ruined over the dancer in question’s f***-up. Save the outrage for why she was there and her bosses responsible for the lockdowns and restrictions. Restrictions that seem less and less guided by “science” and “experts.”

Still, Sweetheart, read the room.

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