58 countries sign declaration against CCP’s practice; Trump transformed China policy: adviser

A Chinese biotech company tied to the country’s military had reportedly tried to set up virus test labs in the US. An expert says Beijing could’ve used it to collect DNA data from Americans.

Tiktok’s Chinese parent company breaks a deal with a US software company. That’s after president Biden halts a Trump-era ban on the app — and plans to reevaluate it.

A World Health Organization expert says China refused to hand over data about early CCP virus cases in Wuhan. The information could help with a probe into the virus’ origin.

And almost 60 countries condemn Beijing for arresting Westerners and using them as diplomacy leverage. The US is also joining the cause.

00:00 Intro
00:47 Chinese firm could have collected DNA: report
03:38 Trump transformed China policy: adviser
06:04 Tiktok breaks U.S. deal, Biden to reevaluate ban
06:42 Tiktok violates user rights: EU consumers
07:57 China refused to give virus data: W.H.O.
09:36 Wuhan’s outbreak bigger than we thought: W.H.O.
10:23 Child suicides surge in China amid quarantine
12:57 7 still in detention in China over virus reporting
13:27 58 countries denounce arbitrary detention
15:02 China in UK defense supply chain: CMTE.
17:25 CCP building submarine force: french gen.
19:56 Australian PM likely to cancel belt & road deal
20:44 Pakistan seeking debt relief from belt & road deal

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58 countries sign declaration against CCP’s practice; Trump transformed China policy: adviser
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