Even MSNBC Is Blasting Joe Biden Over Teachers’ Unions: ‘Don’t Attack Trump …’

You know Biden’s messed up when he’s even being called out by MSNBC. Morning Joe took time away from attacking a private citizen and said private citizen’s supporters to discuss Joe Biden’s alleged selling out to the teachers’ unions. I say “alleged,” but because this is Democrat saying it, I believe that makes it factual.

Parents and science want to send kids back to school. The teachers’ unions disagree with doing so. And President Biden keeps sending the Bride of Chucky Jen Psaki to spout gobbledygook. I don’t think the new rumored guidelines are going to help matters either. It’s so obvious what’s going on, even Joe and Mika can’t excuse it. Don’t blame Donald Trump for having “ignored the science” if you in fact are ignoring the science.

MSNBC’s Scarborough: Biden’s “Retreat” On Reopening Schools Is “Pathetic”


The Biden administration, catching flak for dragging their feet. And a lot of people are now suggesting that they are more interested in following the dictates of leaders of teachers’ unions than what health officials say. …

Joe Biden cannot, could not, cannot attack Donald Trump for not listening to health care officials, and then when he’s scared of teachers’ unions, he can’t not listen to health care officials who were saying it’s time to go back to school.

MSNBC Panel Calls Out Biden: “Are They Going To Listen To The Teachers Unions, Or…Health Officials”


Here’s what I’m wondering. Will there be any buyer’s remorse for voting Biden here too? It’s assumed there will be for workers who are suddenly no longer working due to an executive order or two. A lot of the parents struggling with the school closures are from the suburbs. The suburbs went with Biden more in 2020. Many pasty-looking soccer moms voted against Donald Trump for any number of his less than desirable personality traits. I wonder which would matter more now: Trump being a jerk, or Joe Biden keep their kids out on the classroom? Not that a Democrat being (allegedly) in bed with teachers’ unions should be surprising to anyone.

Trump wanted your kids back in school. Even Pope Fauci the First wanted your kids back in school. Joe Biden will probably wind up telling you how, back in his day, he had to walk to school in the snow barefoot and backward. Enjoy the next four years.

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