Dan Crenshaw Tweets a 23-Point ‘Conservative Guide to the Culture Wars’ That Is Must-Read

Dan Crenshaw does social media good. What he may lack in depth perception, he makes up for in a Don Henley-esque way of getting down the heart of the matter. This is no doubt to in response to the latest casualty of the culture wars, Gina Carano. In case you didn’t know, the former Star Wars star is right-leaning. She was found guilty of the high crime of tweeting right-leaning opinions. Ironically, the same week we found out far-left director Joss Whedon may have allegedly been abusing his female stars for decades. But again, he was far left. So … meh.

But what are the “culture wars”? Basically, there two sides who have two different sets of opinions. One side makes up 98% of the media, Big Tech, the entertainment industry, and blogs that cover those three topics. The other side is us. This makes up most of America, regardless of whether people admit that when pollsters bother them on the phone. And the former side likes to deplatfom the latter side for disagreeing. Or, that’s at least my opinion. Ten bucks says it’s most of yours as well. It’s definitely Crenshaw’s, who laid out a TWENTY-THREE-point guide.

All of these are simply common sense. If you ask people off of social media, I’d venture most will agree it sounds like common sense to them as well. None of this makes the “war” easier. Conservatives are told to make our own platforms. You saw what they did to Parler for doing just that.

But having a handy list that explains what you believe helps. Work on the “why” you believe it, and you can explain that to others. Many of whom I believe already agree. They may just not know it yet. Or, they’ve seen what happens to people like Carano or even J.K. Rowling. Like Andrew Breitbart said, “politics is downstream from culture.” Remember that our side is bigger and don’t stop fighting.

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