SURVEY: Most Parents Believe COVID School Closures Hurt Their Kids

Studies have shown for months that children and young people in middle and high school are not COVID-19 superspreaders, but regardless of that fact, left-wing teacher’s unions have been fighting tooth and nail with local school districts to refrain from in-person instruction.

And never mind what all of this virtual learning is doing to an entire generation of youngsters.

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A recent survey of parents is another alarm that educators ignore at peril to the country — and to their own shame. Study Finds notes:

While many kids would probably say they loved not going to school for a year during the coronavirus pandemic, their parents see a bigger problem with 2020’s quarantine. A new survey finds seven in 10 parents believe spending a year in lockdown will have a lasting impact on their child’s growth and development.

The OnePoll survey of 2,000 parents with children between two and 18 years-old looked at what parents are saying about their kids after spending the majority of 2020 cooped up inside. Of the 69 percent who say they’re worried about their children in lockdown, the top concern is that it’ll be more difficult for their child to connect with people in-person in the future (52%).

The survey, which was commissioned by The Genius of Play, also found that parents believe it’s going to be harder for their kids (44 percent) to play or to make friends (44 percent) following the lengthy COVID-induced separation from their peers. More than two-thirds of parents (68 percent) also think that their kids’ social skill development was truncated because they spend so much of last year in isolation.

And, as it turns out, isolation can be a killer.

“School closures, stay-at-home orders, and shutdowns of businesses deemed “non-essential” are contributing to surging rates of depression and suicide among young people, as well as rising incidences of drug overdoses and related deaths,” the Foundation for Economic Education noted in a post last month, citing a New York Times story.

The Times reported that there has been a significant increase in student suicides — so many in Clark County, Nevada, in fact, that Las Vegas school district officials moved quickly to reopen earlier this month (as they should have done last fall because research from Europe and Australia at the time had already proven it was safe to do so). In that school district alone, 18 students committed suicide over a nine-month period when schools were closed, or double the number from 2019.

The youngest child: Age nine.

That’s worse than a tragedy; that ought to be criminal.

But it gets worse if you can imagine.

“CDC data show a 24 percent increase in emergency room mental health visits for children ages 5 to 11, compared to 2019. Among adolescents ages 12 to 17, that increase is 31 percent. Last summer, the CDC reported that one in four young adults had contemplated suicide in the previous month,” FEE added.

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“The kids need their peers more than ever now,” said Jay Smith, the father of high school football player Spencer Smith, who killed himself after writing in a suicide note he felt locked in his home and he couldn’t bear Zoom learning any longer.

The number of Americans who have died from COVID has been a tragedy of China’s making, no question about it. But our educators are compounding the tragedy by refusing to ‘follow the science‘ and get their rear ends back in school teaching our children.

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